Monday, July 22, 2013

Motivation Monday: Back to Basics

This post is not coming early enough to possibly set your motivation for Monday, but perhaps God can use it for the rest of your week ~ month, who knows... maybe your life! Today's motivation is simple. Very simple. Almost too simple. What is it? "Back to Basics".

Have you realized that when you go back to the basics in our life, how simple things become? How much more clear our thoughts become? How streamlined our lives can be?

To find out what basics you need to return to, it will take some digging on your part. What matters most to you? For me, it is to have my family living out a life that glorifies God in all that we do (work/school/time with friends/sports etc), an organized and clean home, providing fuel for their bodies, minds, and souls, as well as to allow home to be our safe haven. That matters most. Can I have it all? Yes. Why? Because it starts with ONE foundational truth. "Love God with all my heart, all my mind, all my soul." Putting God Almighty first in MY life ~ will reflect more balance into my life then anything else. If I am tired, and need a day of rest ~ I ask God to lead that. If I am wanting to open our home to friends and family, I ask God to lead in that. Whatever need I have, I don't go after it myself. I ask God to provide for it. If I need romance, yes I Pray for it. Why? Because ...... I have learned things are so sweet if we allow God to be the one who leads our life!

So.. you want a good week? Get back to the basics! PUT GOD first!

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