Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shake it Up Saturday: July 6, 2013

Saturday's are often full of one thing: taking care of business! At least in the Summer, that often includes some kind of yard work. Today was no different.

As i was mowing the lawn, I was reminded of the motto we have not only in the classroom, but here at home as well. "Work hard before you play hard". Today .. like I said, was no different. I was working hard because I knew at the end of the day I was going to get to play hard! The family and I are going to a friends house for some spaghetti and fun in the pool! FUN stuff! 

Sure, I could have just had a not so busy day, leaving the need to do's for tomorrow since really we'd still be in the weekend. Sometimes I do do that. Not today. Do you know why?

Here in Texas we are facing drought like conditions again. It is dry dry dry. But there is hope on the way! There is a tropical wave coming this way from the Gulf of Mexico promising some good rain! That's great, unless of course your yard work isn't done and you know that your grass grows like weeds overnight when it rains and will be completely out of control had  you waited! So.. today was the day. I also did some deep cleaning, so that tomorrow when the weather came in, it would lend to some good reading, and relaxing time without feeling guilty for not doing something.

But for now.. the work is done, and soon we will play just as hard as we worked! I have found it to be most rewarding to stick to that plan of action in all areas of our lives. "Work hard before you play hard!"


The above pictures were taken by me on Friday evening. Sometimes during this time of year, as the heat of the day hits the cool of the evening, thunder clouds form and just  paint the sky in a beautiful and dramatic way!

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