Saturday, July 13, 2013

Silly rabbit, Obedience isn't just for kids!

Silly rabbit! Obedience isn't just for kids! That's right. Are you living? Are you breathing? Then you too have some responsibility in being obedient. Let's take a look at the word to see what it means.

  1. Compliance with someones wishes or orders or acknowledgment of their authority.
  2. Submission to a law or rule.
So, why should an adult be obedient too? Well, we all have an authority over us. And let me tell you something that really surprised me. Do you know how many times I have heard these last few school years "Well, I am the teacher. They are the student. They do not get to do what I do. They should know better." (Despite we are talking about preschoolers who learn more by following what they see.) And this was from adults! Adults in the Christian atmosphere ~ yet still do not understand the authority line of life. Yes, if you are a teacher then YES you surely are able to do things that the students are not. BUT.... does it line up with what your director/principle wants? Does it lead the children into making the right choices in their own life? NOT just for the minute but for a lifetime?

What I realized was there is this thought that "I am adult. I can do what I want, and kids shouldn't expect to do the same." If this too is your line of thinking, let me just say you may be an adult, but whether you realize it or not you are leading an entire generation to make choices that follow yours. Do you want to give them more, or allow them to make the same mistakes you do? There should NEVER be a double standard! NEVER. If you do something that you know you don't want to be responsible for showing someone younger, then do not do it. What wasn't understood often was "these kids don't listen" often is a reflection of you yourself not listening. Not always, but more times then not.

In our home we have been working on learning who our authority is each day, and discovering ways to bless them, help them, and encourage them rather then be a burden to them. I do not ever think my children are a burden, but let me share this one little nugget. The attitudes we allow our children to have, CAN be a burden to anyone (including themselves) who has any kind of contact with them. If they are self focused and constantly on the watch to do what is going to benefit them ~ yet have no worries about anyone else that indeed is a burden in this house. Why? Because self focused children are often known to throw fits, manipulate, and do whatever it takes to get their way. NO thank you! I think we have enough adults in this world that have that mindset! Too many, and you can see it in customer service departments wherever you may go.

I know that if I keep in line UNDER the authority above me, there is a holy protection. While some see it as a "slavery" I see it as a blessing. If I listen and "obey" God, my husband, my boss, I am the most happiest of people. When I get out of that line, I am self focused, honorary, selfish, and often I begin to focus on the things that are not working and try to play the blame game (just as children do) so that I don't have to take responsibility for being out of line. Call it old fashioned, call it whatever you will. It works, and it's beautiful! When I stay in line under the authority above me, there is peace. There is joy. And believe it or not, there is more answered prayers AND blessings then I have ever experienced before.

So... no silly rabbit. Obedience isn't just for kids. It's for us all! If you are a husband reading this, then you have a mighty job. You not only have to stay under YOUR authority (God, Boss) but you also have to lead those under you (Wife, business associates, children). Just as children have a long line of those they must stay under. (God, Dad, Mom, Teachers, older siblings) When learning how to stay under the appropriate authority line ~ there is something that automatically begins to happen. We learn humility. We learn to not have expectations. We learn proper respect. Guess what will happen if you continue on this path? You lose the desire for sitting idle waiting for life to happen. You lose the desire to be rude, gossip, and really it does mold you into this whole new being. Can I tell you while it sounds hard and boring ~ it is very exciting and you realize that it is enjoyable to bless others that you never have been before. YOU change the generational curses!


I am very thankful for this teaching that I have learned through Weigh Down Workshop. This isn't taught (apparently) to many adults, let alone children. Being under the authority God has given you ~ is truly indeed being submissive and is biblical.

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