Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankful Thursday: July 4th 2013

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This Thursday is a bit different then some. See, it's Independence Day here in good ol United States of America! Happy Birthday America!

This year, it is even different because freedom means more to me today then possibly ever before. Behind the scenes I had been involved with a "ministry" that practices some very hard core... how to put this mildly.... mind control. Sadly, anyone can fall prey to such things if we are not careful. Freedom ... it is not, but pure unhealthy bondage to legalism and sadly.... a skewed vision of pure Christianity. I will not name names, or even disclose the ministry I speak of. Why? Fear of retribution, and to be honest it is NOT what this post is about. This morning I woke up and realized..."I'm free!" In a morning coffee conversation with a dear sweet sister in Christ I shared this following statement: " i feel like the "life" that make me well ME ... has been shoved down so deep that it is rushing to the surface for air." And I mean it. In the last three years I have fought my own flesh ~ and sadly changed my personality in some ways for the best, but in ways that matter ... not cool! I became this quiet spoken person ... afraid to share the things in my heart, thoughts in my mind, and well... even came to a point that I couldn't write a lick of anything. I began to think i was worthless, and it was a sin to think of anything GOOD about yourself ~ when really.... God wants us to have some self confidence. Don't get me wrong I know I am nothing without him.... but He did create me, my personality, and the quality and traits that I was trying to KILL because they didn't line up with this ministry's view. They lined up with God's view ~ because well... he made me! He knows me .... even when I try to "fake it till I make it".

This Independence day is a gift! A gift of embracing all those things I am ~ and knowing that if I don't fit into someone's belief.. I am still okay. I know what the Word of God says ~ and sadly... I have allowed myself to be controlled mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by someone other then He.

I am free! Set free for all to see! I won't hide, and I pray that I never fall for anything like this ever again! There is a fine line between change, and losing one's identity. If you have to lose your identity to be accepted ~ or even to believe that you will not be accepted by God for not changing .... then run! Run far away! Jesus was put on this earth and put to death on a cross, rose again three days later for every single sin you have sinned. EVery one of them. Before, during, and after reading this post! Sure, we should strive to stop sinning .... but you CANNOT earn your way into Heaven!! EVER! NEVER believe that lie!

From my family to yours ~ Happy Independance Day!


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