Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I have Pinned Wednesday: July 10,2013

When I first made the blog schedule last week, I first put in 'Weigh to go Wednesday" for a subject for the Wednesday posts. Guess what?! I changed my mind. Why? Because, there is a little nugget that has stayed in my mind and heart that keeps me reigned in on the subject of weight loss. "You fall in love with what you focus on". I know. And it's true. It is so easy to become obsessed, and for someone who has OCD and perfectionism tendencies, focusing on that ONE area of my life is NOT a good idea. I zone in and focus very quickly, and it is hard to keep a balance. For that reason, it is NOT a wise decision to reopen my blogging on weight loss. BUT... guess what!

I do spend a few minutes (or so) on pinterest during the week. Many of my friends do to! So, on Wednesday, I have decided to share my favorite Pinterest pins of the week! Once I might have tackled, or just have on my list to do! Those pins that just catch your eye and attention to say "I CAN do that", "I SHOULD do that", or even "WHOA! I never thought of that!". Those are the three categories I will share!

I CAN do that!
The above picture is my attempt at this pin!


I Should do that!
The neat thing is my classroom is "frogs" and i already have a set of those AND the pipits!

WHOA! I never thought of that!



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