Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sweet Word Sunday: Committments

This weekend I spent some time reorganizing my binders for both lesson plans and my personal notes. I came across last year's goals that I had set for myself with no knowledge of what the year had in store. I was honored to realize some of them were upheld, and yet .... the ones that bothered me the most .... are the ones that I failed at.

Can I tell you something?! For a brief moment I considered putting them back on this year's list and decided that NOPE. IF I didn't accomplish them I need to look at why. Why did they not get moved to the "done" list. Were they just unattainable? Where was the focus in that goal? Then I began to ponder the whole theory of "Does it really matter?'.

I can tell you this. I am one blessed woman! At the beginning of last school year I had no clue it would include house hunting, selling of our own home, buying another, moving into a different district for the kids, seeing my marriage take on this new amazing depth, among all the beautiful gifts of the school year for me on a professional level.

I honestly, would not change ONE thing.

Do I have goals for this year? Yes.

1. To put God first. (In EVERYTHING!)
2. To make sure I am obedient to what HE is asking of me, even if it takes me outside my comfort zone.
3. To always remember I am HIS above anyone elses.
4. To remember ... words matter, actions are louder, and more importantly who you ARE today is who you may become tomorrow.

That's it. Other than that ~ the plate is clean, and God has an open canvas to use with me this school year. I have NO expectations other then to follow His lead.


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