Thursday, September 12, 2013

A new season

With each new upcoming season, it seems that I begin looking deep within myself, and changing by the seasons as well. We are fast approaching Autumn, though with temps still in the 90's it's hard to think of cooler days ahead. I have to say sitting outside for two hours with temps near 100 versus sitting outside with temps near 92 is a HUGE difference.

This week, as we are finding ourselves becoming with new routines, I am beginning to see how much more simple I wish life were. Sure we have tons of information and entertainment at our fingertips ~ but what are we lacking? Life.

Yesterday, I posted this on my face book status. It was open ended yet it was something that is heavy on my heart lately. Again, especially in the last week or so.

...take me back to a place, a time, where..... (what is your heart saying right now?!)

I long for living a more simple life. One that does not revolve around technology though it is something I have come to appreciate. Yesterday I simply moved away from the computer, went to the living room and dug into a few things that needed to be tackled. Like dinner, mop the kitchen floors, open all the blinds, and just breath in and out .. knowing that I am doing what needs to be done and allowing the simplicity of that to bring a joy deep inside. A little while later, I took the boys to football practice, and in that time did some of my bible study homework. By the time I came home, I had a clean and fresh perspective, had some revelation, and above that  ~ knew that God indeed is directing my steps.

I long for a time that is simple. I can expect to get simple from this world, because as new gadgets and "stuff" comes out, in reality it is just complicating it all even more.

I long for a time when you could have coffee with your best friend ~ yet now .... it has to have strings attached.

I am approaching a new season in my life, I can feel it. A season that doesn't long for approval from anyone but God and my husband. A season that I am ready to cling to my love, and spend quiet evenings with just him, the kids, and I. A season to pull in and regroup. For most this is summer ~ but for our family this past summer had kids coming and going. Autumn and Winter we tend to become hermits ... of sort, and I do cherish those moments. A time when we can spend one on one time with the children, share our hearts and desires for them, and to be able to dig into God's word as a family.

I am LOVING the Bible study that I am doing right now, because I am able to let go of a lot of "shackles" that this world has put on me, that I have allowed to be tempted by. I am loving the fact that it has me looking inward and changing from the inside out. I have seen some fruit of this coming forth just this week. Not even that someone says "you look more religious then before" ... but true genuine comments that I know were whispers from God to say "keep going my daughter!".

I do adore Autumn! I was discussing with a coworker (and friend) today that i feel like I am ready to start decorating for the Autumn season. It seems that right after Thanksgiving I decorate for Christmas and it is down before January 1st. Decorating for Autumn however, gives me joy because it is shared and up from September through Thanksgiving. A time to enjoy it, and tweak it, and simply just let it be.


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