Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A sweet little nugget

Just a few minutes this morning but I had to share!

This morning I have already been a busy little bee, and soon I will be heading out to work to continue this busy day. But one thing is true. I was NEEDING something. A nugget. A crumb even, to get through this unsettled feeling.

A bible flop led me to Ezekiel 2 and into 3. What a breath of fresh air. Warning that there is a place with rebellious people yet ... Ezekiel was challenged to go and preach and share the word anyway. The imagery in this passage is beautiful, reminding us that God's truth is powerful, yet sweet like honey. Even when we are being corrected, it should be sweet because indeed it is God of the universe who is doing the correcting.

There was a time I never would run to the Word when I felt empty, longing, or even like I needed something to push me. Now? Where ELSE would I go?

God Almighty is changing me more and more everyday. I work a few less hours this year, yet I have a whole afternoon/evening to be a mom and a wife. My leadership at work changed, and while I see some rebel, I have been moved to be even more so responsive to do what is asked ~ above and beyond ever before.

Happy Wednesday!

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