Sunday, September 15, 2013

A tiny touch of Autumn & a longing desire for more

A tiny touch of Autumn has found it's way around our house. Well, more then a tiny touch! Now, we are ready to usher in that first REAL cool front. (Did you know we had one back in July?)

All this week I had this yearning for Autumn. I was even craving "Thanksgiving dinner"! I almost put a "day after thanksgiving casserole" on the menu but decided to wait. Now I almost wish I had the stuff on hand to do! :) ~ Decorating does that sometimes! ~

This has been an amazing week for me. It really started last Saturday and has just increasingly gotten better as each day passes. It seems that God is truly transforming me from the inside out .... more then ever before. Why? Because I am letting Him! Did you get that?! It is our choice to either let God transform us or not. The transformation isn't by relying on our own abilities! It isn't about memorizing scriptures, knowing the books in the bible, being legalistic about things. It is however, letting go of expectations and allowing God to be in charge of your entire day. Yes. ENTIRE day.

I have seen so many beautiful things happen in my daily existence that only comes from God. Little things that no one knows I am even praying for ~ he touches! I am learning who my Master is. I long for getting up under the authorities around me and just going about my day doing the very best that I can. I am learning to pray for everything and not forsake anything as being too little and finite to pray for. I truly believe this is the change that I was feeling beginning earlier in the week.

I have talked about how I long for simpler times. I want to know how women ran their homes and lives in the early 1900's to 1950. Why? Marriages were strong. Children were raised with values. It was a time when families experienced what FAMILY really means. It considerably goes against ALL things that this world is asking that we be.

Today is full of football rooting (TV ~ our own boys won by forfeit yesterday), baking cupcakes, laundry, bible study, and preparing our hearts for the week ahead. It's gonna be a GREAT day!


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