Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweet Word Sunday: Community

I know many of my face book friends are probably TIRED of hearing me say how much I am LOVING our neighborhood, but I don't think I can honestly say it enough. And do you know why? Because we have learned what it means to truly honestly live in a community.

Have we had to sacrifice? Well, maybe a little. I don't go buy my kids everything they want, but really I never did. I don't go shopping all the time, but really, I don't want to. Have all our needs been met? Yes, above and beyond really. Have we lost contact with our old friends? Well, to be honest yes. Yes we have. We have tried to stay in contact, invite over from time to time, but .... something there has changed. Maybe it was always the way it is now it just feels so more hurtful because really there isn't much distance between us expect emotional.

But the benefits OUT WEIGH any of that. We have met new friends. Not only friends, but ... people who are becoming like family. Before my husband was such a home body. I never minded but I felt like maybe he wasn't thriving as he would if he had some "guy" time. Our kids are making life long meaningful relationships with other kids, and learning what it is to live in a community where everyone cares for everyone. I am meeting some amazing women, and in the same breath I know if I NEED them, they would be there to rally around me. I have NEVER had that. Sure, I've had friends but this is different.

Let's take last night. I hear the doorbell ring. The hubby answers it and it is one of our neighbors. They had made soup ~ and she was sharing with those around. Just last weekend I took over  a cake because the guys were gathering at their house, and I knew .. football, and men... it would get eaten and enjoyed. I also made another cake in which the hubby took over to them. It's all good! We were gathering down a few  houses to welcome a neighbor's kid home from boot camp. He's on leave for 10 days, and he survived the change of a lifetime. We ended up staying out hanging with our new friends in a drive way chatting the night away until 3! Yes 3 am!! But do you know what!? It was then that I realize how blessed we really are. IT goes beyond what we thought it would. We moved to give our kids a better future, and a better today. Little did we know ~ it goes beyond the school district, though you can't get much better then where we are. Not only did we improve their lives, we improved our whole FAMILY!

When my sister passed away, sure I had people calling and wanting to offer condolences. That was great. It was hard, and I really needed to just be. BUT... had we lived here when it happened, I now feel that these new people in my life would have rallied around me and helped me through the process instead of leaving me to my own. I'm not blaming anyone for "not being there".... but this is  how deep our roots are already developing. Amazing. Awe inspiring! God DID have plans for us ~ not a plan to harm us, or keep us from our dreams ~ instead He had a plan for us that would go beyond our wildest dream!! I LOVE that!


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