Sunday, November 10, 2013

A lesson I learned from my husband...

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It was not an ordinary Friday, as my husband was home as I was preparing to leave for work. As I was doing my hair and makeup, he ventured into our master bathroom and began flirting. What did I do in the process? Nit picked  my body to death.

Ladies, do you do this? Do you stand in front of that mirror and poke and prod areas that just aren't visually appealing?! UGH!

Mind you, yes I did enjoy the flirting and intimacy that we shared that morning but I can honestly tell you it was RUINED by my vanity.

Not only that ..... God convicted me of something even bigger than my vanity. I undermined my husband's choice in his mate. Here, let me share the areas of conviction.

1. Respect. I am sure I lost a little bit of respect from my husband by his witnessing what almost becomes a daily ritual. Why? Because he does not apparently see me the way I see me. He sees me for what I am worth, my value. I see myself at my "discounted" value, because of my flaws. Not only am I criticizing myself, I am criticizing his choice in the mate he chose.

2. Honor. I lost a little bit, because of that said criticism. I devalued his mate picking choice by devaluing myself.

3. Doubt. If am nitpicking myself .... am I secretly nitpicking him? If so, than what's the point?!

There is more I am sure, but I was crushed just by these revelations. Why are we as women so concerned about being this perfect eye candy!? The one man who I want to impress, is already impressed! It's a vicious cycle that I have got to find an end to. It is ruining me.... and dampening our intimacy ~ even if it is just grimicing in disgust as I pass a mirror.

It is the one thing that pushes me over board ~ on dieting/exercising. Not being comfortable in my own skin. But sadly..... it also opens my eyes to how OVERLY self focused I am. *sigh*


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