Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Family Bucket List 2013: Wk1 (Dec 1-7)

This year, the kids are older and it is hitting home that we only have a few more years with the kids in the house with us. That is exciting and sad at the same time! So, I am falling in with a current trend of implementing a Christmas bucket list for our family to experience all we can this year, and gain a new perspective of the meaning of the beautiful Holy Day of Christmas.

Dec 1 (Sun)
Grinch day! We are going to have a "Who-feast" and watch How the Grinch stole Christmas (ABC Family @ 6pm CST)! For dessert we will have Grinch floats!

Dec 2 (Mon) *
Writing a letter to Santa on behalf of someone(s) that are less fortunate than ourselves. We will pray over each letter and mail them to the North Pole. We will belief on behalf of God Almighty that these specific people will indeed be blessed!

Dec 3 (Tues)
Bake Cookies! We are going to do a few cookie deliveries this year in our neighborhood and the kids can take some to school for their teachers. (This will be repeated another time in our bucket list) We will also be having cookies and milk for dessert while watching Scrooged on ABC Family at 7pm CST.

Dec 4 (Wed)
Family Snowball fight! (We live in Texas! There usually isn't snow, and if there is it usually isn't in Dec.) Because we most likely will not have REAL snow.. we are having a TEXAS snowball fight with paper snowballs!

Dec 5 (Thurs)
Christmas Cards! Make and Address Christmas Cards for family and friends.

Dec 6 (Fri)
Christmas Photo Shoot (at home)!

Dec 7 (Sat)
Make Paper Snowflakes and turn it into a garland that can either be used on the fireplace mantle or breakfast bar.

This is only week 1 planned out but man we are going to have some fun! Are you doing a family Bucket List?! Stay tuned to tomorrow to see how week 2 pans out!


*Edited on Sunday Dec 1

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