Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If My Life Was On T.V.

Yesterday on Face book I shared a question that I thought was very profound. In fact, it has haunted me every since.

Power question of the day. If your life was on TV what would it show that your life revolves around?

Well. If we answer really fast that first thing that comes to mind ~ many will say the obvious of things: Work, Family, Children. But ... take a moment and read that question again. It isn't what "we" think it should show... but what it would show. That often means from someone else's perspective. Think about it. Many shows on TV fail because the public's view on it is NOTHING like the vision the one behind it had.

So, let's look at this question again. If my life was on TV... what would it show that my life revolves around? I know what I would LIKE it to be, but here is what it most likely would show:

* Insanity revolving around weight loss
* Growth in many of my relationships.
* A deep desire for more ~ though not sure what that more should be.

* An over focus on others ~ vs digging deeper inside and getting the things wrong with myself fixed.

What would I like it to show?
* A deep relationship and FAITH and TRUST in God.
* A life that inspires others!
* Success in the various things that I desire ~ writing, career, etc.


Now, how to get them to reflect what I WANT it to reflect!


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