Monday, December 2, 2013

An extraordinary letter to Santa : Bucket List day 2

Writing Letters to Santa ~ but not your normal way!

This year we are not only writing letters to Santa ~ we are actually mailing them! Not just that ... the letters we are going to write (and yes, I am writing one too) are not on our own behalf but of those we know who are hurting and might not otherwise see the glimpse of what we call "Christmas" giving.

It wasn't until I looked up WHERE to send these letters that I discovered there are real people who just *might* read them and fullfill them! This was AFTER the idea was birthed to write on behalf of someone other than ourselves. We are going to pray that the letters get to "Santa" and the needs of the ones we write about get answered! What an amazing thing to teach our children in a time of "want" to instead want more for others.

I would share these letters with you, but seeing as how this blog is a public forum, I would not want to disclose personal information about those we are sharing with 'santa'. But I do highly recommend adopting this idea and helping others in need, especially if there is a post office near or around you that is participating in this program that is now celebrating 102 years worth of service in this avenue!

If you do not know someone in need, how about writing 'santa' about someone who has inspired you and changed your life?! What an amazing testimony that this could be if anything ~ writing our your gratitude is a beautiful gift within itself!


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