Saturday, December 14, 2013

Balance: The word of 2014

I may be getting ahead of many bloggers when sharing my word for 2014, but it is heavy on my heart this week ~ and God has been showing me many GREAT things!


We all strive for it. We all need it. Without it ~ we are off kilter to one side or the other. Either we are OVERLY giving our self away and leaving nothing to those things/people most important to us, or we are so self focused we have nothing left to give out. Ever been there?! As a woman, I am there often. As a mother/wife/teacher/writer/ I am often torn in many areas trying to find that healthy balance between it all.

Here is one thing to keep in mind.

If you can't find contentment in where you are RIGHT NOW in your life ~ you will never find the balance that you desire. Do you know how to find that contentment? Gratitude. Yes, finding the heart of gratitude for the tiniest of things in your daily existence, and then finding another. Continue looking until your heart swells with this deep desire to simply enjoy every one of those blessings.

With contentment comes joy! With Joy comes an automatic desire to put forth the effort to do more. At least that is what I myself am experiencing. I am at a stage where I finally believe I can do whatever I put my mind to ~ AS LONG as I keep God first.

This week the church where the preschool that I work at is housed held a massive Memorial Service for an untimely death of a local college student. His family were members of the church, and it was only fitting. As I watched so many teens and college kids file into the building my heart was just broken. They all have dreams to go on in this life and conquer it all. Yet this one young man, gave what he could give until he was taken from this Earth. Many questions are left unanswered, but one that sticks out to me is this. "If I were suddenly taken from this earth ~ what would be said of me?" Would it be revealed that I have a heart for God and that all I do .. is to be a living testimony of Him, or would it be revealed that I was often selfish and never finished anything I started? Would it be revealed that my biggest life dream would to be to inspire women of all ages to live for the Lord in loving and serving their families or would it be said that I didnt' do it for my own? I would like for my life to just be known for living for HIM in every single thing I do ~ but do my words and actions truly show it?!

I feel like I still have so much growth to learn and allow to happen in my life in regards to finding the proper balance in the things I do. Yes, I know there are times when one or another area in our life just naturally takes over ... (back to school is a GREAT example in this house!), but how often does it really happen?! TOO often!

Physically I know I need to be more active on a regular basis. Not extreme but regular. Balanced. I know that I tend to eat way more sweets than I need to. I recognize this and I have abused the freedom that God gives us to enjoy such fine things. (Even scripture talks about eating too much "honey". Proverbs 25:16 ) It doesn't mean I should give it up and not have any, but it does mean that I need to find a balance. One of my favorite vloggers has a "sweet treat" day twice a week where she allows herself to have a sweet treat of choice. I truly think this is wise and uses the discipline that God expects us to use in such things.

Computer Time. Honestly for the last few months I have found a good balance. I am not on nearly as much as I used to be and honestly, I will be finding less time especially in the mornings. I have an hour after the husband leaves, until it is time for me to prepare to walk out the door myself. I have been squandering this away ~ and then catch myself rushing. NOT how I want to start the new year! Thankfully I have my cellphone which allows me to check in on FB and a few social media apps where I don't feel so disconnected yet not having to just sit here and waste time.

Hobbies: This is where I need to find MORE time, because the hobbies I have are often fruitful and lend to gifting to others ~ whether it be the written word, a card created and sent out, a knitted scarf or cup coozie, etc. These hobbies are ones that get me to sit, be calm and more often than not ~ allows me to hear the quiet whispers of God.

This list could go on and on and I will elaborate more later. I just wanted to share the word of the year for next year, and get a few thoughts and ideas down to ponder and consider. Do you have a word for the year that you would like to share?! I'd love to know what it is!


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