Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Family Bucket List 2013: Wk 3 (Dec 15-22)

With the busyness of Thanksgiving preparations, and family vacation time the Bucket list did not get finished this past week. But let me assure you, the ideas have been flowing!

Day 15 (Sun)
Home Alone Movie Marathon! On the menu: Cheese Pizza, Chips & dip, Ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Day 16 (Mon)
Wrapping Paper Delivery! We are going to deliver wrapping paper to a few neighborhood friends as gifts to help them prepare to wrap up a fantastic Christmas season.

Day 17 (Tues)
Make Christmas goodies for the freezer to pull out on Christmas Eve.

Day 18 (Wed)
Paint a canvas with a Christmas/Winter theme. (I have countless of these pinned on pinterest!)

Day 19 (Thurs)
Neighbor Gag Gifts

Day 20 - Day 22 (Fri - Sun)
Kids will be in Grandma's care! If she comes up with ideas I will come back and post them here!


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