Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Grown Up Christmas List

My Grown Up Christmas List

I have had people ask me what I want for Christmas and really it is hard to just blurt something out. I am one who contemplates things ~ is it practical or just a frivolous item? Would I really use it or would I be wishing that person never spent the money on something I wouldn't use. Gifts to me are an extension of the heart ~ and often can't be put on the list. Gifts are often a result of something brewing inside. I am one of those contemplative people ~ I don't just rush out last minute for a gift as I think it is rude and inconsiderate. Maybe some people shop better spur of the moment so I have no right to say that about others. That is just how I feel about myself. If I was to have to rush out last minute for something ~ sadly it isn't given in the manner a gift should be given with care, time invested, even a bit of pride not in oneself but in the other person. It is why I have ALWAYS finished early, and this year I am finished with even stockings stuff!

So here is my very own "Grown Up Christmas Wish List" with the exception of one gift that I desire that I already shared with my parents. :)

1. Fitbit Force (or Flex)! LINK HERE This is a techie gadget but I like gadgets and fitness is becoming a priority again in my life ~ for that I am thankful. Who knew that fitness could help with so many body ailments including PMDD and achy joints both of which aggravate me sometime each month ~ and no, not together?! The Flex may also be purchased at retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack. Some of these retailers only offer this online.

2. Chrome Book. Yes I know. This list is expensive already. But funny thing is everything on it has a purpose. As many of you know I do aspire to become a writer ~ full time. Right now I am doing it the old fashioned way. On paper. Which means I then eventually have to come back to the "mini office" which is our master bedroom (away from my family) and somehow get it all typed up and ready to send either in a file or on a disk. Having the flexibility to write (type) as I go, will save time, and give me the ability to write anywhere! THIS ONE is at Best buy and has a touch screen which I just think is cool ~ but ya know, what gadget isn't?!

3. Carpet Shampooer. I adore our new home! I really do. I love having the warmth and softness of carpet. But I don't like stains! Yes I know... it's a "practical" gift but really I am a practical kind of gal. Here is a whole slew of them at Walmart.

4. Camera w/ Tripod. As I am wanting to get back into YouTube, and doing more self photography here at home, I would love a new point and shoot camera w/ a tripod (for ease of video and better stability in foodie/etc photos). Samsung makes GREAT products! That is what my old camera and phone are and I love them both. The one I linked is at Best Buy.

5. Hot Tea Maker. I adore a good cup of hot tea. On days that I come in from school and it's chilly there is nothing like relaxing with a good cup of tea. Not "cuppa" as I am not from the UK! :) This one from Best buy isn't too overly priced and gives various steeping times.

This is one year I am just not into "gift cards" where I can go pick out something. Too often I use them on the kids or forget I have them. Cash is okay, but it is so impersonal. It's like saying "whoops I forgot about you so here you go." or "I have no clue what to get you so go get it yourself", especially at Christmas. I've received both in the past and while I was very grateful for them ~ I would rather have something cheesy that someone spent time picking out for me then something so cold and impersonal.

Other trinket items that I always like:

1. Cd's: Currently Desire ~  Lorde, Free Chapel, Miley Cyrus (don't hate!), Jim Brickman, Katy Perry (hubby has one in his truck.)

2. Mistletoes (socks) from Bath and Body Works: Can't have too many ~ even if they are the same! They also have some cute Lamb slippers.

3. Perfume: Beautiful (found at Macy's)


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