Saturday, December 7, 2013

You are the clutter that you keep.....


A nemesis of mine. If I stay on top of it ~ we never see each other. I do not like clutter. It looks terrible, and well... it's just plain gross.

I know I know I know. I can hear you from here! Hang on a second before you shout at me!

I haven't always been this way. In fact, in my teen years I lived in clutter ~ to no appreciation from my parents! I had a good ol... true to form teenage mess of a room. In my early years of marriage ~ it didn't get much better. It wasn't until I began to stay home with the twins, and our "toddling" daughter that my heart began to get softened on becoming the home keeper of our home.

Speed forward to the present when the "Toddling daughter" is a messy teenager herself and those twin babies are eleven, living in a new house, and well....  learning more and more how important it is to keep our home tidy and clutter free and you might understand my stance a bit better.

Today was a midyear go through in the twins room ~ where we thin out clothes that no longer fit, seasonally inappropriate, along with toys that are no longer played with/broken/missing parts etc. It always leads to going through other areas in our home and well today it also came with a revelation.

Take a look around you. Right now. Right where you are. Look around at both sides of you. The environment in which you surround yourself mirrors the environment deep within. Simply put... if you live in a cluttered house/room/office/car/purse.... well it exposes the clutter in your heart/life. Don't shoot the messenger! IT was a shocker to my own mental system as well. Until it just became so clear and evident that it was just truth!

I have a vision for the year I would like to see ahead of me for the new year. I have my focus word! I will be sharing that as the new year closes in. And in some ways it will continue on this idea of about clutter and removing it from one's life.

My "motto" for the year was "Keep it simple silly head" and ..... in some ways I have achieved this, in other ways I have not.


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