Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Becoming comfortable with ME

Are you comfortable in your own skin? I mean really comfortable? If we are honest with ourselves many of us will say no. If we aren't honest, than we will just lie and say of course. But let's take a look at something deep.

1. If we are truly comfortable in our own skin, then we will not go looking for approval from others. (I struggle with this so much.)
2. If we are truly comfortable in our own skin, then we are not looking to substances to make us happy. These could be drugs, alcohol, food, material things.
3. If we are truly comfortable in our own skin, we will not have to read up on how to "live"... we just go about it naturally.
4. If we are truly comfortable in our own skin, then we also will not hide ourselves from others (flaws and all).

I go in and out of being "comfortable" in my skin. It varies from day to day, even from moment to moment. Right now in this very moment. I am comfortable. A little "fluffy" but I LOVE who I am today, right this minute ~ flaws and all. Do you? Can you say that about yourself? Let me tell you... it doesn't come often and I have more days where I would rather wear a paper bag over my head and call it a day. But lately, I am finding that when I stop looking for approval from others ~ whether it be friends, strangers, parents of the kids in my class, etc..... I find things about myself that I like.

1. I like that I love to clean. I wasn't always a cleaner. In fact..... it was a lesson from God that led my heart to making our home more comfortable by keeping up with the daily to do's and keeping it decorated through the year for the various seasons. A couple of years ago, God impressed upon my heart that how can He bless us with a new home if we don't take care of the one we have. It was an ouchy. But, it was a push that I needed. Today, I sit here sipping coffee in our new home that we have now been official owners of for ONE full year.

2. I like that I can be REAL. I don't have to pretend that all is roses ... yet I don't have much to complain about. My life does look like a piece of cake compared to some. I don't take that for granted and I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination every day.

3. I like being busy and active. I don't just sit around well. I like to be up and moving and doing.

4. I like that I can't stand breakfast! ~ :) ~ I have tried to force it lately and it just doesn't work. Even if my tummy gives me a little growl... I have to come figure out it is just yawning and stretching and waking up. It's not really hungry. To be honest, I am NOT hungry until dinner time. Why do I fight this? Why do I say "i must not be listening to my body" and jump on the first gurgle to decide to eat. Not playing that charade anymore. So, if you are around me and don't see me eat when other's do, please know that it is because I have NO desire to eat.

5. I like that people are always surprised by my age and I often get told I look way younger then I am. THAT is a fun thing!

Day by day it is my desire to become more comfortable with me, because it means I am less dependent on others to "lift me up". It means that I am not looking for approval from anyone, and it lets everyone off the hook!


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  1. Wonderful post. It is a day to day journey with being comfortable and growing inside yourself to the fullest.


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