Monday, January 6, 2014

It's the little things!

A Texas Sunset

It's a cold Monday morning in the midst of winter. Burrr! Here in our neck of the woods .. waking up to temps in the 20's is just plain COLD. I am however, NOT complaining though I prefer warmer weather. I love how much change God allows in our seasons, and as of here late ~ in our week. Take this week. Our high may hit upper 30's but our high on Thursday and Friday.... 70! LOL

After spending two weeks on vacation (our whole family) it's time to get back into the groove of things. The hubby had a difficult start this morning, and I pray that the rest of his day goes better! As I am waiting for my hair to dry and laundry to finish, I figured I would sip my coffee and blog a bit.

I have this phrase that is just circulating deep within me. "It's the little things". And how true is that?! I know, it's not a complete statement, but give me a chance to explain.

It is the little things that matter in life ~ the bigger things are just part of this life and will happen but if we embrace the little things and actually spend our energy appreciating them our lives will be so much fuller and enjoyable. Here is a list of some of the "little" things that I have come to enjoy.

1. Kitty whiskers. They are just the cutest thing! And when our precious Pumpkin (Or Tiger the stray) wiggles them, it makes me giggle deep within.

2. Hug bombs from the preschoolers. I love there sweet little hugs, but the hug bombs that some of these boys will deliver is just pretty amazing. These are hugs that come from a running start and squeeze the living daylights out of you, your leg, whatever those little arms can get around.

3. Ice Water. Winter often is a time that I tend to get a bit dehydrated because I choose not to drink water. I have made the effort to make a few glasses of ice water this last week, and let me tell you it feels like the BEST thing ever! Not because I am drinking water, but because even though it's chilly out there ~ it is so refreshing.

4. Stretching out muscles! I don't mind the muscles in my arms and legs getting tight from working hard ~ whether it be on a walk or pulling weeds, lugging laundry baskets back and forth, or hauling in groceries. Stretching out my muscles relieves a lot of tension, and reminds me that putting in a good day's "work" is always a good feeling.

Anytime you are feeling down, or like things are not going your way take the time to write down a few of the "little things" that matter to you! I promise .... you will see how blessed you are. And in the realm of things ~ appreciating the little things makes the bigger things seem so small. Today, I return to the preschool and I tell you what ~ I am going in with a refreshed heart, childlike mentality and faith, and pure JOY! I have nothing to complain or worry about. Nothing!

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