Saturday, January 4, 2014

It's a Sweet Life! (Recipe inside)

It's Saturday! For me that means it's "getter done day". Lots on the list of the to do's and often it means a full out breakfast for my crew. This morning however, I went with one little sweet thing and coffee. The boys didn't seem to mind!

When I woke up this morning, I was completely refreshed. Well, here I will share my face-book status with you that I posted, then I will share a bit more underneath that.

I woke up this morning fully rested knowing that I had a lot on my plate to get done by sundown. Within an hour of waking I faced diversity not once but twice and almost back to back. How did I handle it?. With love. Why? Because we were made to love!! I still have a lot to get done but I am already grateful for so much!! I woke up! Hot running water and sweet smelling soap. Fresh towels. Dough that was waiting to be transformed into cinnamon rolls. Coffee that hubby made. Seeing hubby's handsome (and hairy) face! Tell me...what on God's green earth do we have to complain about, argue over, feel hopeless about? NOTHING!!! Call me simple minded if you want ~ I will just say Thank You!!

As soon as I checked my phone (mainly to see if our daughter had sent me a text or called ~ she was at a sleepover from the night before) I almost wish I hadn't. My character was questioned as well as some of the choices I have made in my personal life regarding a few spiritual matters. I had this amazing calmness come over me though, because really in the big scheme of things ... it didn't matter. When we have a personal relationship with God, He may indeed call upon us to live our lives differently than others. Guess what!? That's okay. I have spent too much time questioning HIM.... and really I am ashamed of that. I am ever grateful for the people He has put in my life that give me direction, guidance and love. Yes, there will always be a battle for our devotion. Today has been one of the BEST days that I have had in a long time. God has answered many prayers ~ and I can't ignore that. I also can't be swayed by emotion, and well... drama. I don't do drama, and this southern gal is more laid back than many unless my pot is stirred with the wrong spoon!

When we truly let go, and let God into every part of our days ~ it is a very sweet life! There isn't drama. There isn't cattiness. While there may be trials, and testing ~ there is love and direction. I am ever thankful for days like these. Days where God opens my heart more to HIM and not this world. Sometimes it's wise to guard our hearts, even from those we once trusted. Our hearts can be deceitful and I love how He intervenes when we allow Him to.

How fitting is the verse of the day from Biblegateway!

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8NIV

You get a bonus today! An easy recipe for Cinnamon Rolls.

And the great thing is here is a step by step picture!

1. Dough! The night before I put out a loaf of frozen dough that you can buy in your grocery's freezer section. It often comes in loaves of four. I make homemade bread and rolls, but this particular dough makes GREAT cinnamon rolls! I simply sprayed a ceramic pie plate/tart pan with Canola spray, put the loaf of bread dough in the center and covered it with a clean dishtowel, placing it in the microwave over night. (This dough probably rose about 10 to 11 hours. It was PERFECT when I pulled it out to get to work.

2. Roll dough out into a rectangle. Mine was probably about 12 x 5 though i would have loved to have gotten it to roll out more it was stretched about as far as it wanted to. Fine by me. This is one time when the food is often the dictator of what can be or not. Sprinkle liberally with ground cinnamon and top with white sugar. (About 1/4 cup of sugar was used above give or take a smidgen.)

3. Roll up the dough tightly and evenly. For some this is the most intimidating part. Cut this roll into 1/2. Then cut each 1/2 in 1/2 again. You should have four equal parts. Cut each of the fours into fours. You will end up with sixteen rolls.

4. Place in a 13x9 casserole pan leaving spaces between each row of four. They will expand as they rise and cook. Allow dough to rise about 30 to 45 minutes. (For me this was a good time to clean up the kitchen, make the beds, switch out laundry, and load the dishwasher.) Preheat oven to 375*.

5. Bake Cinnamon rolls for 20 minutes. This timing was perfect for my oven. All ovens vary so you might start checking about 15 minutes in. Be careful not to under or over bake.

6. While rolls are baking, let's make the frosting! No, it's more than a glaze! Take 4 oz of cream cheese and place in microwave for 10 seconds. Add 3/4 cup of powder sugar, 2 drops of lemon juice, 1 tsp vanilla and about 1 to 2 tbs of milk. Whisk well until frosting is smooth. Taste for sweetness and flavor.

7. When rolls come out of oven, spoon frosting over each one liberally! You want to use all that you made, and it will make them so delicious!

Take one with a cup of coffee, and go sit outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!


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