Thursday, January 30, 2014

The walls can talk!

Ever hear that saying "If the walls could talk..."? Well that has been resonating deep within me this morning. Not that I am worried about what our walls would say, but I have been places where I often wondered what I would hear if the walls could share their deepest secrets.

I truly believe that is where the saying "THINK" came from. Because people were worried about what their walls would say.

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I have to tell you something! The walls CAN talk! Not necessarily the walls that are made of sheet rock, paint, brick. This is going to hurt when I reveal to the truth! The walls of one's heart talks all the time. The walls of one's mind recalls and talks all the time. In some cases that is great news ~ because one can recall all the good things that were said, and experienced. BUT.... in the same breath, the heart and the mind often recall the not so good things too. The cutting comments, the insults, the unnecessary criticism, the words you always think afterwards "I wish I hadn't said that!". More often then not the recipient is also saying "I wish I hadn't heard that!"

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"If the walls could talk" most likely began in a conversation between someone who knew that what happened inside the home was not as one allowed others to see. In other words ~ the person of conversation most likely had a good game face.

Why is it natural to be nicer to coworkers, friends, even strangers then it is to the people whom we share a home with, intimate moments with, who know the very details of our day? Why do we save our manners for someone who is not so invested as say a spouse or a child?

I truly believe this is one of the things that leads to adultery, divorce, teen pregnancy, teen runaway, suicide, murder, theft. Why would I say that? Because, if one does not get what they need by their immediate significant others, they will go find it ~ in the good or bad places.

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May we all be challenged to begin to truly guard our words, and protect the hearts and minds of others. If your reading this, then I truly believe this post was meant for you. It is not a pretty thing when we realize how we could have truly hurt someone, changed a relationship, or even lost someone because of the words we chose and how we treated the ones we love most. Take time today to mend the fences, wash the walls, and rebuild them into something much stronger, cleaner, and more sturdy then ever before.


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