Wednesday, March 19, 2014

An Encouraging Word Wednesday

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I have a collection of coffee cups, most of which were given as gifts that i could choose from every morning. (Remember that goodbye coffee post, yeah it didn't last!) While I have my favorites, I don't always use the same mug. They all do the job, and if I only relied on one what would I do if it broke? Would I never drink coffee again? Uhm no! That's not going to happen. I could just use another one. Why? The coffee cup is just a tool, a vessel to get the coffee from the pot to my lips! Besides of the reminder of the season in my life or particular person who gave me the mug there is no value beyond sentiment. I like having a variety to choose from. It keeps coffee time from becoming mundane.

God has given the gift of sharing His word, His voice with many different sources as well. Aren't we all just a vessel being used just like a coffee cup? Getting his goodness deep down, His aroma into the nostrils of those who seek Him?

Monday morning I was putting clean sheets on the bed in the master bedroom when a song came on that just grabbed my heart. I began singing along in genuine prayerful worship when I felt this wave of sadness come over me.

I can honestly tell you God's heart breaks every time you put someone other than him on a pedestal. It's easy to do. Just begin only sharing with everyone you know only about one person or one sports start, one author, singer, actor, etc.

I have personally witnessed true adoration and infatuation over one person to the point that they do not ever share about someone else. Imagine only watching movies with only one actor and nothing else. Almost to the point of not even allowing people you know to not even talk about anyone but that actor because in your eyes it diminishes their value. Or perhaps a professor who teaches in a certain field, and after having instruct you during one class you decide that "Okay, from now on I will only take classes that Mr. Soandso teaches and that's it."

God created variety in things for a reason. God created each of us to complete a cycle and when we do not allow that in others or even ourselves we not only lose a part of our individuality but we end up worshiping something or someone other than God himself.

God's heart must also be broken also by those who shun, disconnect or dismember spiritually from the body of the church ~ God's people. I've seen this. I've heard of this. And sadly, in some ways I have personally experienced it. There is no one living today that is above another. You may have your act together on the outside, but let's be honest. We all struggle and yes, we all fall short of the glory of God. A sin is a sin. There is not one sin better than the other. We have to enter into a spirit of true repentance to find forgiveness from God ~ but that is a personal journey. There is not one person outside of yourself that can do this. Not one.

I love the many tools God has used over the years to teach me what I have learned. There have been many. Many teachers, preachers, musicians, books, and quiet moments that God has used to to teach me, mold me, and bring my heart close to his.

Please do not EVER minimize the worthiness of the many vessels that God uses in your life. Even after the death of Jesus, God did not just speak through one of disciples, he spoke to many.

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