Sunday, March 23, 2014

At your fingertips!

We live in a time where we can just about have everything we could possibly want with the push of a button. Almost. Not like "The Jetsons" push of the button but by golly we are not too far off!

I thought I would do a post of my most currently used apps on my phone as of lately. Some of them may be new to you, others may be used like an old hat. But here ya go! (P.s This is a link heavy post!)

1. Messaging: It's a phone function that allows me to text! (I am sure every one of you know this already, but hey it was on the screen shot! LOL)

2. Fit bit: I received a fit bit for Christmas. It is like a living walking tracker that you can even use to track your sleep. It has helped me realize that I don't always sleep as soundly as I do. It catches when I toss and turn, and even when I am wide awake. I do not wear it everyday, so if you are one of my "fitbit" friends you will most likely pass me. HOWEVER I have learned that days I work ~ I get my 10,000 steps in well before 7pm, some days by the time I leave work at 5. You can read more about Fitbit here, and the app can be found in both the Play-store and the istore.

3. Flappy Bird: I downloaded this app not long after it premiered and then before you knew it the creator yanked it from the appstores. You CAN play it online here, but according to CNN it will be returning to the app stores soon. This is a game that is funny and pointless, but even funnier for new players and those that get this crazy madness upon them because it takes time, patience, and even skill to get through those pipes.

4. Robin: Robin is one of android's answer to Apple's Siri. She is just as witty and annoying at the same time, while very informative when you need to.

5. Photogrid: I use photogrid a lot especially for blog post pictures where I share a recipe or just a few pics in one. I use my phone camera a LOT and share a lot from it. Photogrid is nice because you can choose how many pictures to collage into one and can change the backgrounds, add text, etc.

6. Weigh down and 7. Zion Youth are purchased apps (not expensive) that help keep me focused off of myself and more in line with the thinking that I share over at Healthy God's Weigh. I have podcasts, scripture, and many other blessings all at the touch of a finger!

8. Olive Tree (bible Study) is a Bible app that I use when I need some leading, reading, or guiding!

9. YouTube: I often use this app when I am running on the treadmill, or when I have a few minutes and one of my favorite vloggers have posted a new vlog.

10. Apparently 10 is a ghost app or I must not know how to count!

11. Farm heros saga: A game that i will often play for a few minutes each evening. It helps me unwind a bit and keeps my brain healthy.

12. Bitstrips: Now this is just plain ol fun! There are comic strips that you can change the characters into your friends (I connect it with Facebook ~ and those of my friends who have bitstips too can be added) and just share a giggle between the two of ya.

13. Zedge: Because I like my phone to have some personality this little app is the BEST thing for it! It not only has a lot of backgrounds/wallpaper for your phone (see the owl in my picture above) but it has many ringtones, notification sounds, and games too. I know it is in the googleplay store but I am not sure about istore.

14. Words with Friends: Like scrabble? This game can be played on facebook or on your phone and is available in both app markets.

15. Email: Duh! It's a phone function but nice to have my email at my fingertips!

16. Pandora: I am one musically motivated gal. I LOVE music. I can listen to it all the time, and i like a variety of music. If you have never listened on pandora you add in a title of a song or an artist and it builds a station around that information to give you more music in the same genre.

17. Pinterest: Ya'll know I love me some pinterest! I keep this app around because there are times when I might have to search for an idea, or have a few minutes to scroll and see what's new!

18. Phone: Ha! It's the main fuction of a phone yet it is probably one of the least used "apps" in my phone!

19. Camera: Again another standard phone function but it was in the screen shot.

20. Facebook: I often use this app the most. I don't often have time to sit at the computer and be on Facebook, unless I have it up while I am blogging.

21. Facebook messenger: Because you can't just have the Facebook app. This lets me know when I have a private message and it is a separate app from the Facebook app.

So, there ya have it! A sneak peak at what I have ready at my fingertips!

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