Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Dear Coffee" : A goodbye for now.

Oh for the love of coffee beans! I do adore a good hot cup of coffee flavored just right with Splenda and flavored creamer usually in a cute and festive mug ~ depending on the season.

Anyhoo.... I have had this feeling for a while now that it was time to let go of this "hold" it has on me. But physically, I have been experiencing a few symptoms more often after coffee than diet soda, and today it was just magnified! I love how God shows us things we need to change in His way, and in His time. Even when we don't hear clearly the first time or so, He will pursue us until we hear. I am thankful for a few less distractions in my life lately so I can hear Him much more clearer than ever before.

I have always loved coffee in the morning. I am also not much of an eater ~ probably because that "need" was fed with my coffee. HOWEVER, for the last few weeks if not longer I get irritable, over excited, anxious, and down right nauseous. Not a good mix, because the more days in a row I drink coffee the more profound these symptoms have become. Now mind you I have drank coffee every morning for YEARS. But I can't go another morning feeling like this. Especially now that I have had a few days to really have time to understand what is going on and why it is happening. I'm not driving in traffic to get to work. I am not trying to get tons of stuff done before work so that I have less to do after work. I'm not even stressed about anything. I'm on Spring Break for Pete's Sake!!

So for now I must bid a fond farewell. I will save the jolly time with my coffee mug to maybe ONE cup on the weekend. Maybe. If that. Because really I don't like feeling how I am, so maybe this is fond farewell forever.

Dear Coffee,
I must tell you thank you for all the times we have had. You brought me warmth on cold mornings, warming my hands through the mug just as I needed it. You will always smell delicious. I will not lie and say I won't miss you, but your making me sick! I can't feel like this and be all that God needs me to be for my family, my classroom, and His glory. I will visit you from time to time, but this daily commitment I had with you is officially over.
I will miss you.
Mrs. Sheila


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