Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dreams really do come true!

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My husband and I were married in May of 1995. Every since I was a little girl I dreamed of being married and being a mom. Those were my two life aspirations that if they happened my life would be perfect. In all reality ~ what honestly would make one happier? Material things? No way. Sure, a nice house to live in is great and we have that. A nice car is wonderful too. But a house and a car is NOTHING compared to having a family!

From the moment we got married, I knew I wanted a family with this man. I wanted a whole houseful of kids! Looking back, it was good that we had a few years just being us as there was a lot to learn and we needed some time to be free. But my heart longed for a baby. It was a crushing feeling feeling every cycle that came along. When I was late, I would get hope only to have it come crushing down a few days later. (I did have some issues with my cycles that caused much more stress and anxiety in this area of my life ... which was in turn probably caused by stress and anxiety itself.) In the Winter of 1998 I remember driving home from church and almost in tears crying out to God about my lack of children. I felt barren. But then I remember reading about the curses put on Adam and Eve after they sinned in the Garden of Eden. Eve was cursed .. and the word said that ALL women would have pain during childbirth. I proclaimed that promise ~ it didn't say some women, it said ALL women.

In March of that year I went on a girls trip with my sister in law and a friend to Cancun. We had a GREAT time, relaxing and just being silly girls. When I came home, I must have relaxed quite a bit. In fact, I remember feeling much better after that trip. Imagine the JOY in my heart when I found out I was expecting in early December of 1998!  I cried, I laughed, and it was pure elation for me for months afterwards.

Our precious girl was born in August of 1999 ~ four short years after marrying the man of my dreams. Four years. That's not very long. She's now 14! I LOVED every part of having a newborn in the house, and watching her grow up.

This is a post I shared with her on Facebook this week, and I am just saying that even through the hard times of raising a teenager, I am honored and treasured by our girl! She may struggle from time to time in school, but she is more courageous, bold, and beautiful than I could ever have wanted to be at her age. She inspires me in my womanhood to be better, bolder, more courageous!

Kris ~ this is why you hear "NO" more than you'd desire. This is why it is important to stay under the authority and TRUST your parents when we think something isn't a good idea. We LOVE you enough to let you know that your life (both here on Earth and for eternity) means more than that instant gratification that a "yes" might bring.

Children are a gift! There is no other relationships that one can have like the one they can have with their child. It's different with every child, and it's different with each parent. I am honored to share the parenting with my husband ~ the love of my life. We balance each other in ways that only God could have arranged. I am honored to give this stability to our children ~ so they too can see what God intended for marriage to be. I came from a broken home, my husband did not but his father passed away when we was merely 13. We are both living in a time of our lives that neither of us experienced as children. I must say, it is better than I ever imagined it would be.

Yes, there are tough days. Raising children is not just a day in the park. Raising kids together, with different parenting styles isn't always easy either ~ but .... it is beautiful none the less! I am honored that God heard that cry of my heart to be a mommy and a wife. Dreams really do come true!

In another post I will share about the journey of becoming a mom to twins. For today, I wanted to just enjoy my girl ~ for really she is becoming quite the beautiful young lady. She is taller than I, and is an amazing gift!


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