Monday, March 24, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Institute the List!

Happy Monday! It's that time again! Time to get you motivated to not only survive your Monday, but to live it and appreciate it! Let's recap a few things from last week!

* Today is clean sheet day! Get that bedding off and into the washer!
* What's for dessert? Let's make something sweet for those sweets of ours!
* What's tonight's dinner plan? Make sure it is something that everyone in the house will enjoy!

Now. I am going to talk about making a list! I get that some people do not like making a to do list, but let me encourage you to try it! Now, if your reading this in the morning simply jot down five things that first come to the top of your mind ~ that would roll off your tongue that needs to be done to make your house "look" cleaner. If you happen to be a stay at home mom/wife than maybe list one that might take a good bit of time that you have been neglecting. If you work away from home, and will be gone a big chunk of the day make special care not to list a bunch of time consuming things. I will share what my entire list looks like for today:

As you can see I even go as far as putting whether it is something I want to do in the morning or after work. It matters to me, and my family to walk into a clean and organized home. As the kids are getting older it is easier, and they appreciate a clean house more. Now, below is my entire list for the day including a scripture that God has placed on my heart for the day and other things I am wanting to get accomplished.

On the back of this paper I will reverse my strategy! I will then add the same scripture to the top of the paper because it is proven that if you write something many times it helps you remember it. I will then begin writing a list of "tada's" ~ or in other words things that I got accomplished that day. I also like to, if I have room, jot a few special moments from that day.

Now remember, whether you have a GOOD Monday or a Not so good one is completely up to you! What are you going to choose?

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