Sunday, March 2, 2014

Searching the Heart Sunday

It seems that I am on this edge of reaching something new. It happens every time this time of year ~ as Spring tries to usher itself in (even in the midst of another "winter" storm that is on the edge knocking on our doorstep).

Spring. It's one of my favorite times of year and yet .... I am still in Winter. And I feel it. It is dark, and much duller than I would like, yet the light is visible. A breath of fresh air is coming..... it just hasn't come.

I don't want this post to be one of those bah humbug (hey, that can be said even in March right?) kind of posts, as I am not down and out. I have many things I am grateful for right now, lots of NEW things happening, yet I can feel that ..... a renewal is coming! But one cannot feel renewed unless they are indeed in need of renewing.

Part of me is longing for days past ~ before the hustle bustle of the world. Days where one would sit for hours just sippin coffee and listening to the birds. Times where the tv wasn't the main noise in the house, kids faces weren't planted into some technology device or another. Afternoons spent reading, or playing board games ~ not video games.

Simplicity. I find much JOY when I spend most of my "free" time cleaning, cooking, and taking care of my home. I love to knit though when I have time, I have no desire and vice versa.

Being ill for two weeks, yet pushing through it to get through the daily needs of life, left me this weekend just ready to drop. I have done just that. I have rested more than I can remember ever just "chilling". It has been nice. Perhaps this is where today's post has come. I realize HOW BUSY I personally have been ~ and in reflection of that I see that it's not healthy! It's not healthy for ourselves, or in our relationships. I love that my husband and the kids have many friends in the neighborhood ~ and yes, I have made a few too. But I almost get heartbroken at times because I miss them! <3 a="" almost="" am="" and="" are="" behind.="" feel="" fun="" given="" god="" has="" have="" having="" him....="" i="" left="" like="" love="" me="" nbsp="" of="" off="" often="" p="" say="" special="" that.="" that="" they="" this="" though="" time="" to="" turn="">
I am lifting all this up to God ~ seeking HIS direction. Not sure what it means, but a part of me wants to say that our family needs to take one day of NO hand held devices! :) Phones/ipods/tablets/etc.

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