Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Ever Evolving Schedule

The ever evolving schedule! Do you have a natural rhythm to your day? Sure you do. Is it what you want it to be? No? Then fix it!

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I once did not like the way my schedule worked at home, but I didn't make the effort to try to fix it. I didn't have any rhyme or reason but I knew something was NOT working right. I have tweaked it greatly over the last few months (really since the beginning of the year) and I am in the process of retweaking it again this coming week during Spring Break.

Let me tell you this. The first thing that has to be adapted are time robbers. I LOVE Facebook, and Pinterest, as well as YouTube. In fact, I may have a YouTube announcement coming up very soon ... so be on the lookout for that in the next few days! But either I squeeze them in when I can, or I don't even sneak that time in. What?! I can hear the gasps out there! This is sadly, why  I haven't been blogging much, or even responding to messages/emails/posts on Facebook as quickly as I used to. I guess you can say, that I have finally let go of something that had a hold on me. In fact, I have over 3000 emails in my in box. Each day I run through the sender/subject line and if there is anything immediately needing my attention I will take care of it. Otherwise ~ I need to move on. It isn't because one person/business is more important than the other, it's just a matter of getting through what I can in the time I have.

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Before I go on, in no way am I implying that I am busier then you. Yes I live a busy  life, but I am sure you do too. Is what I am doing right for everyone? I doubt it. That is often something that has to be a desire from each person. For me, I want my days to be filled with time that allows me to write, blog, and such but laundry, cooking meals, keeping our house clean, and getting a good night's rest is always the priority. Starting this week, a quick morning workout is also an added priority. Spring is definitely on the way and I am feeling that need deep inside to get moving again.

So, there ya go! :)

Here is my current morning schedule (mind you this is before adding in the morning workout)
Wake up at 4:30. I go into the kitchen fix the hubby's breakfast and lunch while he is showering and dressing. I also put the load of clothes that I started the night before in the dryer. The stove is wiped down, counters wiped down and dishwasher is loaded and started.  Then I get in the shower, get dressed, make our bed and put another load in the washer. (at this point ~ there is not a stitch of dirty clothes in the hampers.) Then I fix a cup of coffee and spend some time in the Word. I like to do "bible flops" where I let the Lord lead me on where to read that morning. I then log onto Facebook for a few minutes, check email, and watch a bit of YouTube. I then start waking up the teenager around 5:30 and she is often up by 6. At this point if the load of clothes is dry, I take them out of the dryer and put the load from the washer in. Fold dried laundry and put away. Between 6 and 7:30 I cook the kids breakfast, fix school lunches, prep dinner, unload dishwasher, and make sure that current dirty dishes are loaded into the dishwasher. I also fix the rest of myself up ~ makeup/hair/change clothes into work clothes and if I have time I will run the vacuum and do a few other necessary things. That second load of laundry? Yes, it is usually hung/folded/put away as well.

M-F I sometimes do not return until after 5:30. (My schedule rotates and a few days I am home before 3). When I get home it's time to finish/cook dinner, get kids situated, finish cleaning whatever was left and then ... find time to spend with the husband and children.  On the days I am home earlier, I do indeed spend about an hour online.

Weekends: They are never the same, and I can't give you a 'weekend' schedule as of yet.

This schedule as I said will change this week. We will see what changes then need to be made, and how I can adjust other things to make sure I have a balanced day.

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Do you have a schedule? What changes do you find that makes it difficult?

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