Sunday, April 6, 2014

Good Morning Girls' Why Easter Matters: Week 1 Challenge

As promised (a few days late ~ hopefully explained well here) I am participating in The Good Morning Girls' Why Easter Matter's Bible study. This was a challenge that was posted this past week.
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Sure, you think ... nothing really matters more than Jesus, but come on! Who/what/where do we run to in times of need first? We could bluff our way through and say "NOTHING!" or "NO ONE" and while that would be the RIGHT answer it isn't the honest one. So, putting fear aside here is the list I have. I share in a desire to be transparent with you ~ and with myself. I share to be open to facing the truth before you ~ and God Almighty. I pray that this is not a stumbling block for anyone ~ but rather an open window into a real life!

1. My husband
2. Any particular preacher/teacher or ministry
3. Friends
4. My own abilities

There are days I am grasping to stay above the water's edge and in those days I cry out desperately to the Heavens for help. But why does it need to come to that?! Why?! THAT is NOT what Easter is about! That is not the meaning behind the crucifixion that saved my life ~ but .... yet it seems to be the saving grace that keeps me from drowning. I am working on it. I am working on me. I can't do that alone. I can't do that with just one "teacher" either. For one voice is beautiful it is not a heavenly choir. My abilities can't save me ~ for without the leading hand and the spirit of discernment I would honestly have no freakin idea how to get through some of the situations that we have faced. My husband is definitely a God send ..... and I am learning to trust his wisdom more often than ever before ~ He is not my saving grace.

This week.... what will you do to stop relying on things/people outside of Jesus? Let's talk about it over on Facebook today!  Remember One Pretty Little Box has it's own Facebook page!


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