Monday, April 21, 2014

Motivation for Your Monday: 20 minutes can change your perspective!

Are you feeling overwhelmed this morning?! The day after a big holiday gathering can often feel so overwhelming because not only is there that holiday clean up, but your thrown right back into a new week! This week in itself lends to be very busy for me as well. Our Easter however, was very quiet and quaint with just the kids, the husband and I. I had come down with a severe nasty cold that came on strong by Thursday night. As disgusting as it sounds, I was drowning in snot! Thanks to Mucinex Severe Cold ... I am up and running a bit stronger today. I pray it lasts through the day, and I don't crash like I have the last three.

This morning as I sit here I am reflecting on the things I want to accomplish  professionally as a teacher and an aspiring writer as well as personally as a wife/mother,and as a homemaker! If I am honest with myself, that book should have been written years ago ~ but I always struggle with "finding time". Let's get this straight. I do spend AT LEAST 20 minutes in the evenings playing games on my phone, updating Facebook, reading Facebook, etc.

I also spend at least 20 minutes in the morning watching videos (such as this one) and such. So I know there is a good 40 minutes that I can easily put forth to organizing my home, or even yes spending writing that book. I personally feel encouraged knowing that I indeed have more time available to me ~ yet convicted that I waste it on things that are not making a difference. I have the encouragement of my husband and family to write that book ~ yet I waste it. I waste their encouragement on things that don't matter. Shame on me! No wonder my husband kids me about how long this is taking me. It's not writers block people! It's time block! Not that I lack time ~ but that I waste it.

Do you waste time?! Is there an area in your life where you feel overwhelmed the most? For me it used to be a messy house ~ but Praise God He led me out of that in victory! Our home pretty much stays cleaned and picked up. Laundry stays taken care of. it's time to get focused when I have that free time in my day to put it forward to this book. We are rounding out the school year and yes there is always planning to be done, but we are on the home stretch of it. The plans tend to be worked out easily and in less time than say in August - December.

I challenge you today to set a timer (either on your stove/microwave/phone) for 20 minutes and put forth all of your energy and effort to whatever is your nemesis of the moment. Is it a cluttered table? Is it weeds in the flower beds? Is it a crazy garage? Pick ONE area and spend that full 20 minutes giving it all of your effort, time, and energy and see what you can get done! I can guarantee you at the end of those 20 minutes you will see a huge dent!

**This post and review of Mucinex was NOT sponsored or paid for. I did not receive samples, but purchased the product with my own funds. I do however recommend this product!!**

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