Monday, April 14, 2014

Motivation for Your Monday: Water into wine... and other miracles!

How about some REAL motivation for your Monday?

I have talked about getting up early, making to do lists, and doing as much as  possible before leaving for the day so that it ensures your Monday evening is as stress free as possible. But I neglected one thing. Have you been into the Word today!?I love doing "bible flops".

This morning I read in John. John 2 to be exact from 2:1-2:11. In this particular scripture it is sharing in one of Jesus' first miracles. I found something really interesting and by reading fully intently it has struck me as something I want to ponder a bit longer.

"Dear woman, why do you involve me?" Jesus replied. "My time has not yet come." John 2:4 

It was his mother who said previous to this verse "They have no more wine". What was her response to it not being his time? She told the servants "Do as he tells you.". She didn't say anything to JESUS.

Mary. We know that Mary was chosen specifically to be the birth mother of Jesus in a miraculous way. Jesus himself was a live walking miracle. I am sure he was in tune with God, but I found it interesting that his mother had listened to the Holy Spirit ~ and knew what to tell Jesus to not only allow him to walk in the way that God ordained, but that God used his mother as part of his first documented miracle. And it must have taken Jesus by surprise because he wasn't expecting to work miracles on that day. Why else would he have said 'why do you involve me?'.

As I mother our children, I too am looking for that lead from God Almighty. That same lead that will allow my own children to walk in their destiny and not miss one of those divine appointments that has been set up for them. What a responsibility we have to grow and prepare these precious children into all that is set out before them. And as I am guessing Mary felt, it brings me JOY when I indeed see the many ways that our children have grown into these amazing little people as they are finding their identity outside of our expectations of them. It brings me PURE amazement as they share their hearts with me in private little intimate moments that can only be shared between a mother and child.

This Monday, let me encourage you to see your children as more than you ever have before. They are not your's.... for the keeping. They were gifted to you for the moment to raise, and to prepare for bigger things outside of the ordinary daily life. They were given to you... to greatly encourage and be a part of God's Holy Kingdom.


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