Saturday, April 5, 2014

What the heck happened?!

Besides the Crack Potatoes Recipe I shared the other day, and the promise for an update I have been really slacking in the blogging department for the last two weeks. I am so very sorry! The last two weeks have been a good transition into a new routine for me and I have to tell you ~ I like the new routine, now I just need to get into the habit of either scheduling the blog post the night before (like I had been doing) so that with a two minute session on Facebook can share the link and go about my morning.

What's been happening?

Once upon a time I had a horrible attitude about cooking breakfast for my kids. I would rather throw pop tarts, granola bars, even cake at them and call it done. Yes, I know... not the best. I can say however, things have changed and drastically! Most mornings they get a hot meal. :) I felt bad about this but now I hear other kids say "I wish my mom would cook for me" and I know that I know that I know ... I am thankful I got out of the selfish habit that I once had.

Most mornings for the last ... oh probably 10 years I have started my morning with preparing the husbands breakfast and lunch, and then taking a shower. After that it was coffee and computer time and then I had to rush to get ready. As the last year has gone by I gradually reduced the morning computer time by a LOT and realized it is not as much entertainment as it used to be. This past Friday, I didn't log on once until well after I had been home from work and cooked and cleaned up from dinner. Did I miss it? Not really.

I do miss blogging though! So now there is finding a balance between this new schedule of mine and still finding time to blog and write.

Last week I finished a book, and I am almost finished reading another one. That's right. I am reading for pleasure again! Do you know how wonderful it is to read for pleasure ~ to truly get nothing out of but the experience?!

There is much that God is showing me, and I plan on sharing a lot of it as I go. Just please be patient with me as I get this done into a smooth transition. EVEN if I write blog posts for the entire week on Saturday and Sunday ~ I will feel as though I have used the talent of sharing depth of life in words and have embraced it as the creative outlet that I feel God gave it to me for.

Did you know?!
Did you know that One Pretty Little Box has it's own Facebook page?! That's right! You can hop on and hit "like" and be able to follow the many various updates that are posted through the week. Starting this week there will be a "Question of the Day" and I would love as much participation as possible!  Who knows! Your comment might make it's way into a post!

What's coming up?
May is one of my favorite months! It's the month in which I graduated High school. I married the love of my life. Growing up Memorial Day always signaled the end to the school year and start to summer (though now it's just a reminder that those things are coming up). With the birth of our daughter I got to celebrate Mother's Day as a mom and have loved it every year since. The twins were born just at the tail end! So... May is truly one of my favorite (and most busiest) months of the year. So .... this may there will be a giveaway! Details on that are coming up very soon!

So, while you might enjoyed a break from me ~ I'll be back to regular blogging starting! It's nice to be back!


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