Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Are More!

Monday for me was an "Off" day. No, I had to work but it was just one of those days that my brain wasn't working like it should have. It happens. I was sick over the weekend so I guess my brain just didn't want to come back to work to function full force. Then to top it off I had to leave an hour in to come home (which is no longer just around the corner) to get something for our girl and take it to her at school. All in the midst of that I also forgot to add funds to her lunch account and even when I went to the school I forgot to just do it there. Needless to say ~ I was having an off day. BUT.... she got what she needed, funds got into her account before she ate, and dinner was on the table! In other words I recovered enough brain power to finish the day off with everyone fed, alive, and happy.

Somewhere in the day, God  prompted me to turn off the CD I was listening to, and put it on our local Christian music station. Living outside Houston, we have one of the top rated Contemporary Christian Music Stations around. We are truly blessed. KSBJ rocks! Anyway, it was in line for a Diet Cherry Limeade from Sonic that God said "WOAH! YOU need this message now! For you personally, and for you to share with others." No it's not new. Yes, many of you may have already heard it. But .... just hold on there before you decide to NOT read any further. You are More ~ by 10th Avenue north may have just been one of many answers to prayer! Personally in my own life journey! Professionally as a writer!

This is not about what you've done ~ but what's been done for you.
This is not about where you've been ~ but where your brokeness brings you to.
This is not about what you build ~ but what he built to forgive you.
And what He built to make you know....
You are more than the choices that you made,  you are more than the sum of your past mistakes, you are more than the problems you create ~ YOU have been remade!
Lyrics from 10th Avenue North "You Are More" NO copyright infringement intended

YOU are more! You are more than a clean house, a pristine yard, perfect looking children. You are more than a messy house, an unkempt yard, disheveled children. You are so much more than what shows externally ~ because really it's not all real. More often than not it's a judgement either of yourself by you, or a judgement of yourself by others on what you have allowed them to see (or not see) about your life. Your life is more than even just you living it.

"You Are More" is a novel that I am currently writing about four women from four different walks of life yet God intertwines their lives together in various ways that is used to bring redemption, sisterhood, hope, and an increase in faith and fellowship. God is breathing this novel in desperately after a few month hiatus, so bare with me as the days go between the blogs with what seems like nothing is being written. And, I covet your prayers! I need them as trying to balance a full time job, a family, keeping the house clean and dinners cooked, as well as squeezing in writing time when the juices flow is not an easy task!

This is a lesson that we all need to learn, but I am super sensitive to the fact that women really struggle with knowing this truth! YOU ARE MORE than you ever realize you are ~ both yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are more than that negative voice in your head. You are more than the comments you stored from Jr. High. You are more!

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