Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day & A tiny glimpse of summer!

I KNOW the reason behind why we celebrate Memorial Day here in the USA and I am ever grateful to those who chose to be in the military to protect this country we love ~ and sadly have also been thrown into wars to protect other countries as well. I ask that you join me in prayer for those who have fought hard and long to defend us, as well as their family members who sacrificed time and memories with their loved ones. Pray for the families of those who have lost their loved one as well.

I do not own the rights to this picture nor do I claim them.

 Like so many others, Memorial Day marks the time of year that symbolizes that Summer is coming! This weekend we took the time out to make a few final decisions about our summer. One was to purchase a season pass to our local wave pool where the kids and I will spend many days enjoying! IN fact, we only have to go the equivalent of 5 times to "get our money's worth" but I can almost guarantee that we will go twice (once was yesterday) before school is even out! The other big one was we decided it was best to simply just focus on our family this summer ~ and not keep other people's kids during the day. While I love spending time with kiddos ~ my own are asking for more of my attention and I can't blame them. It's hard being the child (and spouse) of a teacher knowing that so much time and attention is going elsewhere every week day and then on weekends it is hard to play catch up. I am thankful God convicted and pierced my heart that now is not the time for that. Yes, my husband could use some help in the finance department of the summer time ~ but we can make it. We do and have every summer for the last 12 years!

So, now that those two things are worked out it is time for me to begin planning a project list for both the kids and I. A few of those days a week WILL indeed be spent in the water and sun. I want to revamp my cleaning / exercise/ and writing schedule to achieve a healthy balance.

Today we are hanging out with some of our friends (that happen to be neighbors) for a several family contributed BBQ, and then we have got to get geared up for the next week. This week, will be a short week however, and that's not so bad!

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