Monday, May 19, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Change the way you think!

Oh goodness! It's good that I have been learning to not look at the circumstance of today and just fret over what didn't get done. That is what I used to do. Sometimes it is a good thing ~ to be productive and busy as it keeps us out of trouble. Other times however, we need to look at the day, and realize if we mentally overbooked ourselves. I have often talked about a to do list, but you have to be very careful with even that. Five things listed on the paper doesn't look as productive as say 10, but what are you giving up to get all of those things done?

Me? I haven't been able to blog much lately. Why? Well, for one I am busy! My work schedule changed again and I am working from 8:30 to 5 M-F. That is a long day considering my day starts at 4:30 in the morning! Because I love what I do, it often doesn't feel daunting while working, but on my drive home there are two different scenarios I have. The first one is I turn up the radio, jam with the other millions of people driving home at 'quitting time', and realize that I need to be energized for the rest of my day/evening of cleaning, cooking, and writing. The second one is I unwind, and relax a bit realizing how tired I am and how I wish I didn't have much to do at home. (Often I do leave the house in the morning with the majority of the housekeeping done). It's all in perspective. The days where I am re-energizing myself, I tend to not only be more productive at home in the evenings but ... I am most likely to more enjoyable to be around. I am focused. The days where I am "unwinding" I have found that all I am doing is allowing myself to be ready to "call it a day" way too early!

This past week has been a learning week for me. Emotionally, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. Did you know you often either set yourself free, or hold yourself hostage by the thoughts you think the words you speak? You know the whole "you reap what you sow" thing and all? Thoughts and words are more powerful than we often allow ourselves to believe. Retraining these thoughts and words are not easy ~ but it gets easier everyday. Why? Because I am seeing the fruit of it. Fruit of life! Life giving thoughts, and life giving words are what we should be sharing .... even if only to ourselves at first!

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I challenge you to retrain your brain this week. If you find yourself thinking something negative ~ change it around to something positive. If you find yourself speaking something negative ~ change it around to something positive. If you find yourself speaking about someone else~ just stop it! UNLESS you are encouraging and lifting them up. Why? Because that will come right back around at ya. Don't even think anything MEAN, or negative about anyone including yourself.

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