Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday's Ramble: Family & Makeovers!

This has been a fantabulous day! We spent it together visiting both Mothers (and of course also known as "Mimi" and "Mammie" by the kids) and giving Mother's day cards to both. The first idea was to go separately, with the husband taking the twins with him to see his mom and I going alone to see mine. Our girl was at a birthday sleep over and unable to attend. (Life of being a teenager!) When I began to discuss this plan with the husband he did suggest we visit both together and I LOVED that idea but didn't want to be  the one to suggest it.

This morning I woke up, showered, cooked breakfast and began on a few house blessings as I again pondered how the day should go. I LOVE how God ordains our days when we allow Him to. Hubby began asked me "Where do we go first?". That was indeed enough for me to know that God had plans for our day and it was to be together visiting with those who raised us both into the adults we have become.

Let me tell you it has been a GREAT day! And in this day, God has just opened my heart to embrace the GREAT things that these women have brought into my life! My mother raised me with something deep within that God has brought to the surface over the last few years  that He has used for HIS glory ~ and has changed my perspective on life itself. My mother in love raised a man with integrity, wisdom, and a LOVE that has withstood many barriers that have tried to knock us down and overcome our love, yet we stand stronger together NOW more than ever before. I am blessed by my mother and my husband's mother!

Mother In Love
(Pictured in the Center)


So many of my friends got makeover's this week! Everyone is looking fantastic! Me, personally I need to color my hair but really it is going through this new phase. It is getting thicker and has more body than ever before.I give God that glory! He has changed my body from the inside out over the last few years it is pretty amazing!

For those of you who are Mother's ~ I wish you a very happy Mother's Day! For those LONGING to be Mother's ~ hang in there! Your time is a coming!

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