Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sweet Word Sunday: Parenting is NOT only for the children

I am amazed! How easy it is to get off target if we are not careful!! This goes for any area in our life! Do you know what is most important in life? I can guarantee the most important thing isn't you! Do you realize that?! If your feelings are hurt ~ take a moment and check why. Take out all blame and try to figure out why your feelings are hurt. When you take the blame out ~ you cannot project it on anyone else. That means when you figure out why your hurt ... it has to be you. Either you had expectations that you shouldn't have had. Maybe you "expected" a gift because it was a special occasion. Guess what!? Just because the world says you are supposed to give a gift doesn't mean that God wants that for you. When we expect things from people it takes the whole "heart" out of the giving.

Do you teach your children to project their feelings onto others? Before you say no ~ please check your heart and see if you are doing that! Are you disapointed and all of a sudden your yelling, or crying or "stressed" and taking out those emotions on your husband/children?

Do you send your children to church, yet .... all that was learned was squashed within the first few hours after you left the building because of chaos and not applying what you learned? I have seen many families "look" the part for church, yet when they left they all picked up where they left off on the way to church. Anger, sadness, whatever it may be was never dealt with. If this has happened to you.... you are NOT a changed person and you are "playing" church. *OUCH* I never promised every blog post would be pretty or kind. Sometimes we MUST be told the truth in order to face things we need God to change in our life, our hearts.

As a parent there should be no "days off". That is not what we are called to be. It's not a 9 to 5 job ~ baby, it's 24/7. Don't like that? Don't have children or lose the selfishness.

I can tell you I have learned more about God as a parent than I did all of my childhood. Why? Because parenting isn't for cowards. Being a parent isn't just about the kids, it is life changing for adults too.

This is a rambling kind of post ..... and not one that you might expect on Mother's Day!


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