Thursday, June 5, 2014

A post led by facebook status'

I am going to share several posts from my personal facebook page. (This is completely different from the Facebook page for One Pretty Little Box).

Hard question right!?

And really it's not over!

So.... as you can tell this has been a "heavy" week for me ~ not just at home as a parent with three kids finishing their school year, me as a teacher also finishing her school year, as a wife and home maker working in the home in the "free" time, but also in my own personal reality. God is stirring many things deep within me and while I would LOVE to share every detail with the world ~ I think .... I am being drawn away from being so very open all the time, at least that is what it feels like.

If I had no access to social media or apps on my phone .. then here is what I KNOW I would be doing:
* Getting daily exercise
* Enjoying time to read and relax in the "free" moments
* NOT comparing my life with anyone else's.
* Not comparing my husband/children with anyone else's.
* Writing that book and exploring many other writing options!

Getting things de-cluttered in my home always feels so nice. It doesn't take long for stacks of coupons/receipts/things to file later to take over my kitchen bar. Clothes to be put away can easily litter and over turn my dresser top. The closet floor can become one big giant pile if I am not careful. When I am busy at work ~ it shows. Not just on the outside (both in my physical appearance and the appearance of my home) but also in the appearance of my attitude.

I am holding myself back more than I realize. How? By playing in this "social media" game and trying to live up to standards that are set by society.... not reality. What does this mean?! I can't honestly answer that. When I can, I will.


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