Friday, June 20, 2014

Fast Food Favorites at Home: Chik-fil-a

I don't know about you but every now and then some good ol fast food tastes delicious!  Now I am a home cook, I cook most of our meals most of the week. I like it that way because I know what is in our food, and how it was prepared. I know that some slimy teenager with a chip on his shoulder isn't spitting on our food ~ though I am sure that rarely happens in real life.. right?!

One of our favorite places is Chik-Fil-A! There chicken is just divine! This recipe comes pretty close when your wanting that yummy food, and you either just don't want to drive out to one or there isn't one close. Besides, with the simple list of ingredients I can feed a family of 5 (With a few left overs for lunch) for a whole lot less than slipping through that drive thru! 

~ Chicken brine~
Six chicken Thighs (you can use three breasts and cut in 1/2 if you'd like)
1 cup dill pickle juice *Please don't leave this out!*
1/2 cup milk
3 TBS Sriracha sauce
2 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp black pepper
~ Crust ~
2 cups All Purpose Flour
8 TBS Powder Sugar *Please don't leave this out!*
2 tsp Paparika
1 tsp black pepper
3 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp celery salt
1 tsp dried basil
~Remaining ingredients ~ 
2 eggs beaten
oil for frying

In a large bowl add chicken, pickle juice, milk Sriracha sauce, 2 tsp garlic salt, 1 tsp black pepper and stir well to coat. Place in fridge to marinate AT LEAST three hours! In a second large bowl add flour, powder sugar, paperika, black pepper, garlic salt, celery salt, dried basil and wish together until well coated. When you are ready to cook, heat oil in an electric skillet or stove top until between 350 and 375. Dip chicken into flour mixture, then egg, and then back into flour. Carefully place chicken into hot oil and fry on one side for about 5 minutes. Flip chicken and fry a little while longer. If needed flip chicken back over until both sides are well browned. Place on a cooling rack that is over paper towels to catch any grease that has remained on chicken. Serve on toasted buns with pickles.

On this night I made a Spicy Chipolte Mayo that we put on our sandwiches and used for fry dipping sauce. 

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