Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's Five: Success

Let me tell you! This is not going to be your ordinary five. See, it is not five of my favorite recipes, five links you could use, or anything of this sort. Instead let me tell you this... it could be a five that will change your life ~ if you allow it!

This week has been a profound week for me. Not what I had planned. I didn't plan for my eyes to be opened to more of what I feel God is leading me towards. I didn't plan to become more purposeful in the things I am choosing to spend my time on. In fact, I didn't have a plan at all. During the school year that is very unlike me but during the summer I do tend to let my guard down, and my "list" or plan down a bit to go with the flow of the day more than against it. In fact I only have 45 more days of summer left. That doesn't sound like very much to some of you, and to others it may sound like a long time. I will get back to that whole "only" 45 more days in a bit. But first let me share two things that God is showing me, then I will get on to the "Friday Five".

Forbes magazine listed an article that listed Five things Highly Successful People do before 8 am. This list is amazing really, and because I am an early riser I can tell you ~ on the days I choose NOT to rise early I LOSE not only time, but motivation, spark, and energy.

Here is what that list says ~ but if you want to read it for yourself CLICK HERE.
1. Exercise
2. Map out your Day
3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast
4. Visualize the day before you
5. Make your day top heavy (Do the hard daunting things first)

I LOVE this list because I indeed want to be a success in this life. The opposite of success is failure. Who wants that?! But I not only want to be a success in a way that world would view success, but a success in all areas of my life. (Wife, Mother, Blogger, Writer, Teacher, Friend) A lot of those goals up there are indeed ways to find success in our lives in all areas. Exercise is a GREAT example. Yes Exercise is great for your healthy ~ physically, but really it is great for your emotional, hormonal, mental health as well. Even just 20 minutes a day. But I need to adapt this list ~ and yes it is going to look like maybe I am becoming a bit "self focused" but you have to understand my heart! I want to be all that God has for me ~ not what someone else would say is for me. God created me, and HE has put goals and dreams within me that are not only doable ~ but have been desitined to be a success. I do indeed need to do my part as He leads.

When we take action ~ God honors it!

Here is MY revamped Five things to do become HIGHLY successful before 8am
1. Wake up with Gratitude and Praise (No moaning and groaning that the alarm went off. I am grateful it did, and I am alive to turn it off! This is a GREAT time to tell God good morning, and spend some time in praise and mediate on the word
2. Exercise (In this time I will be listening to a daily podcast that will help me become focused for the day, and allow God to speak through whatever message that may be. There are TONS of resources!. I will also use this time for prayer as I feel led to pray.)
3. Visualize (Spend a few minutes visualizing your goals at the "finish" line, and prepare your mind and heart to what it is going to take to accomplish these goals. This is also a good time to go ahead and either map out a list of things to accomplish for the day or go over the list you made the night before.)
4. Be proactive on the day's tasks (Get those daily tasks done, and start on one thing that you really have been putting off doing that you might not even have on that list.)
5. Refuel and Re-hydrate (Take a few minutes to have a Bible-flop breakfast and see where God is leading your heart, and re-hydrate with the living water of peace. This is a good time to also go ahead and refuel your body if is hungry and get some water!)

Proverbs 23:7 For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.
With that in mind.... what are you?

Want to be inspired? Check out this hour long video that will help you get to understand how important it is to visualize your goals and dreams.
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