Monday, June 23, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Clutter free kitchen!

I know that I have talked about clutter before, but really if you don't stay on top of it clutter can take over your home quickly. Similar to dust bunnies, cobwebs, dirt in your corners. The "hot spots" in your home are areas that are used frequently, and well.... the most cluttered and dirty. They DO take more time on a regular basis to keep in order, and if it is done then it won't feel so overwhelming.

Let's first talk about counter tops. Are your counter tops so cluttered you barely have any room to prep the meals to serve to your family? Are they stained, dirty, and crumbs littering the back-splash and edges? Or do you like your counter tops streamlined? Me? I am a streamline girl. The ONLY appliance I like to keep on my cabinet is our coffee pot. For one it has a clock on it, and two we use it daily. Yes, I use the toaster, ice tea maker, and often our mixer daily but these do NOT stay on the counters. Why? Well, let me ask you this  ~ Why not?!

When I take the time make sure our cabinets are cleared of any clutter, clean, and ready for the next meal prep I feel refreshed when I walk into the area. I feel ready to take on the challenge of a creative meal, a time consuming meal, or even just prepping a snack for the children. I don't dread going in because I am not spending time to move things around, wiping off crumbs, putting things away so I can have room to work.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in my home. It has to be kept efficient and clean. No ifs, ands or buts. As the caretaker of my home there are a few things that God has convicted me of throughout my last few years.

1. How can God bless me if I can't take care of what He has already given me? Why should he? If your child took a gift ~ let's say a bike, and they left it out in the weather so that it become destroyed and unusable would you instantly go out and buy them a new one - a better, bigger, nicer one? Well, honestly a good parent would not ~ because indeed the child did not show the maturity, care, or desire to be thankful and grateful for what they were given. When we do not take care of what God has given us ~ it makes him feel that way too. Taken advantage of, unloved, disrespected. We can't keep doing that!

2. What am I teaching our children? By living in clutter myself, what I am teaching them for their future? That clutter is okay because "it just means we live here". Can I tell you that when I hear people say that it irritates me to no end. When I hear Christians say that ~ it makes me cringe and almost cry. Why? Reread #1. And then, to know that it is okay to live in clutter for the simple reason that you just don't want to clean up after yourself shows a lot about your inner character. It means you love chaos and don't mind living in it, and often you probably bring chaos into the relationships around you. Harsh? Maybe so, but clutter to me is almost sinful, prideful.

3. It really only takes a few minutes! If your reading this blog, then you did have five to ten minutes to spare. I would rather you have a clutter free environment to serve your family in than to have you use that time reading my blog. Why? Because the way in which you serve your family shows your heart ~ and how you desire to serve God Almighty! If you have five minutes only to spare in your day and you did not "waste" more throughout the day ~ give it to HIM and serve your home, family, and above all God!

So you are hereby challenged to go and declutter your kitchen counters!

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  1. Girl, how do you get so much done?! Writing a novel, writing a blog, posting inspiring things on FB, and raising a family and loving on your husband? I'm inspired!!


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