Monday, June 16, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Menu Plans

Happy Monday! Mind you, when the alarm went off at 4:30 this morning, I wanted desperately to go back to sleep ~ but got up to help prepare the husband for the day, and then once he left I made my first cup of coffee and decided to just take a deep breath, enjoy a slow paced morning and fought that inner desire to go back to bed. Yes, it is Summer and I could indeed do that if I desired, but really .... I just have better days when I stay up. I have a more focused day, and I don't feel so behind.

We had a great weekend, and while I thought that maybe Summer would bring more regular blogging, it seems that I blog when time and desire meet one on one face to face. Weekends find me desiring to spend more time with the family. Friday night we had an extra teen in the house, Saturday I took all the kids to the wavepool for a good chunk of the day, then when we got home the A/C repair guy was here to help find a solution to our cooling problem. Then as soon as he left, I had to deliever the twins to a sleep over, and the teen and her friend were already at the friend's house. What did that mean?! Alone time for the hubby and I. What a great treasured time it was.

It's been a while but thought I would begin to particpate in Menu  Plan Monday with Laura over at Organized Junkie! So, here is our menu (which is from yesterday - Saturday). So, that is your motivation for this Monday ~ to get that menu plan ready! Why? Because once you do, you know longer have to spend time on thinking "What should I cook", "Do I have everything I need?", Etc. Menu Plans however do not always work with all people. *Just saying*

Sunday: (Father's Day)
Breakfast: None! (Hubby slept in and kids were not home)
Lunch: Snacks (Feast is planned for dinner)
Dinner: Grilled Rib Eye Steaks, grilled asparagus, suauted mushrooms, steak fries, and hot crawfish dip* w/ Garlic Bread Cruoustinis.
Dessert: Blueberry Crumble Pie* w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

Monday: (Wave-pool)
Breakfast: Powdered Sugar Donuts & Milk
Lunch: Wavepool Concession
Dinner: Pork Carnitas* w/ Chili Conqueso* & chips
Dessert: Drumsticks (Ice Cream)

Tuesday: (Yard Work & Deep Cleaning)
Breakfast: Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Tacos
Lunch: Ramen Noodles & Grilled Cheese
Dinner: Copy Cat Chik-fil-a sandwiches*, Curly Fries
Dessert: Luscious Lemon Pound Cake*

Wednesday: (At Home Day)
Breakfast: Monkey Bread
Lunch: (Unsure)
Dinner: Grilled Pork Loin Chops*, Spicy Noodles*, Steamed Broccoli
Dessert: Luscious Lemon Pound Cake

Thursday: (Wave-pool)
Breakfast: Waffles & Eggs
Lunch: Picnic at the Wave-pool
Dinner: Taco Mac-N-Cheese*
Dessert: Luscious Lemon Pound Cake

Friday: (Errands)
Breakfast: Cereal & Toast
Lunch: (Unsure)
Dinner: Speghetti & French Bread
Dessert: Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie

Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Toast, & Hashbrowns
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: Chili Dog Casserole & Chips
Dessert: Ice Cream from the Ice Cream Truck

1. When Laura's post for today is published, I will come back and link this blog post to that. So, come back in a little while and be inspired by MANY menu plans for this week!

2. Items listed with a * will be shared here on One Pretty Little Box throughout the week. Perhaps buried in a post ~ or by itself, but either way stay tuned! You can also find a wide array of recipes that we enjoy in our home by clicking on the tab up top that says "Recipes".  I try to keep this updated as I add new recipes!

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