Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stuck in a rut Saturday

Happy Saturday! This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it! (  ) Are you rejoicing this Saturday, or are feeling like your stuck in a rut? Have you ever been stuck in a rut? To me that is one of the WORST feelings ever! Why? Well, let me explain! Go getcha (yeah the Texas slang is coming out in this post so getter ready!) a cup of coffee, tea, a glass of cold iced tea, or lemonade and come back so we can chat! This may be a long one.

First you have to know what being 'stuck in a rut' means. It is an idom that simply means "doing the same thing all the time". Do not get this confused with keeping a schedule, it is not the same thing. Here is another example of the meaning that really made it clear to me to understand what "stuck in a rut" is. "The literal meaning comes from the act of a car tire being stuck in a rut in the road. You can go a couple of inches forward or backward but, basically, you are not able to get the car out of the deep groove in the road." That came from yahoo answers and I LOVED it.

I have been there, stuck in the rut before. Sometimes too often. You? This week however has been different. If I am to be honest, I haven't been this energized and full of purpose in a VERY LONG time! As God is giving me new instructions for how to use my time, my days, my energy ~ He is giving me a new vision! And that is some exciting stuff. No ruts are allowed when your given a vision. Well, let's clarify that thought. No ruts should be evident if we are given a vision and we are working/living towards that.

Then the Lord said "Write the vision, make it plain on tablets, 
That he may run who reads it." Habakkuk 2:2

What vision has God given you today for your life? Write it down so that you will then be able to run to it! Now, pray and ask God what is it that you should do to begin to prepare to walk that vision out! Can I tell you that is just the first step of getting out of a rut. People who get into ruts do so because they have lost their vision, dreams and goals. If your just going through the motions of the days your not really living. You are only surviving. How fun is that?! Did you know life was created to be enjoyed?! God wants you to enjoy your days ~ and praise HIM for each day, not just go through the motions and dread every day. Whatever gets in your mind and stays there, will eventually show up in your life. You dread your days, then the days are going to be dreadful! You Praise God for your days and look for new and exciting things, then your days will be exciting.

Last night, as I am preparing dinner I hear this voice. Yes, THAT voice ~ the quiet one that we all know to be the voice of God. While I love that God wants to speak to me ~ I knew it would be a tough one to choose. Why? Because he has already given me vision this week, and He has already began showing me many things. Heck He is providing many tools for this vision to come to fruition. So as this sweet voice starts to speak, I am almost brought to my knees. Want to know what He said?

"You can't just begin to prepare for this vision ~ you have to dress and act like it is already happening!" OH my! Mind you I had on a pair of shorts and a rugged t shirt. I felt like a sloppy mess all day, yet never more than at that moment. If these dreams I have ~ that now go beyond just writing a novel but to speaking to many many women about living a life of purpose rather than just surviving I need to being dressing like I already am. I am indeed dressing lately like I am in a rut! My life may not feel like it ~ but it surely looks like it.

Remember, today is a new day. If your reading this in the morning, then I pray God uses it to encourage you to gather a vision and start walking towards it. If it is in the evening, I pray God will open your heart to a new beginning even before your eyes close. Whenever you read this, be reminded that your alive and it's not too late to get out of that rut, start dreaming and reach for your goals! It can be done!

So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locusts have eaten, the crawling locusts, 
the consuming locusts, and the chewing locusts, 
My great army which I have sent among you. Joel 2:25 

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