Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thinkful Thursday: Discipline

I can't believe it is already Thursday! The weeks are going by so fast, and that only means so is Summer. Sure Summer officially didn't start until this past weekend, but for me we return to school over a month before Autumn "officially" begins. Seems we are always ahead of the seasons.

For today's Thinkful Thursday I was really convicted by the word Discipline. God has brought many scriptures and a few little video pod casts about applying discipline to our lives. One thing we must understand is that discipline starts with a decision.

That's right. To become more disciplined you have to make a decision every single day until it becomes a habit. Why? Because discipline comes with time, consistency, and purpose. Discipline people are not naturally that way, though it does indeed come easier for some than others ~ but it doesn't have to be that way!

On Monday's blog post, some sweet soul out there left the most inspiring and encouraging comment for me. I am sharing it because it will lead me into sharing about how I would respond to that person face to face, or even email to email if I knew who it was!

Girl, how do you get so much done?! Writing a novel, writing a blog, posting inspiring things on FB, and raising a family and loving on your husband? I'm inspired!! 

Wow right!? What kind words! Of course you guys don't always get to see the full picture, and the days I seem like a sloth ~ though to be honest those are few and far between lately. It hasn't always been this way. I didn't always have a heart for my home, or even my family. In fact, I was very self focused and wanted whatever I could get for me. Sucks to admit but I have to admit it first before I can share the transformation. God used many tools and people in my life to bring me to the person I am today. I have been a part of many different ministries in church but I have always had a heart for the written word, and encouraging women in their day to day lives. Yes, I teach preschool during the school year, but even in that I am always on the lookout on how to minister in the female adult lives around me whether it be through my coworkers, parents, neighbors or friends. Not for me and my glory but so that others can 1) get to know God on such an intimate level and 2) learn to love the life they are living right now!

God is working on my heart (and has been trying for a while now) on a few areas that I really to be more disciplined in. One area is my writing both here on the blog and the novel. It is Summer and while for so many teachers and stay at home mothers that means sleeping in. Well, I get up with my husband to help prepare him for the day. I LOVE doing that. While there has been a couple of mornings I have laid back down and went back to sleep ~ there aren't many and probably won't be too many more. Do you want to know why? I am much more productive and get more done in that extra couple of hours that I might would sleep in. During the week I still go to bed at a pretty decent time, one has to when the alarm goes off at 4:30 so I am not lacking for sleep. For me sleeping in would just be lazy, and me being idle. Instead, that time is often used to listen to/watch biblical encouragement, blog, post on facebook, chat with those who want to chat and get encouraged for the day, and enjoy my coffee.

Another area is learning to live with child like faith, letting go of control and just watching what God does around, in and through me and those around me in the day. There are a couple of areas where I am fighting His lead on being more discipline, and just like you I pray that today is the day! I do not want to share in those areas right now ~ not until I indeed can be that woman of discipline and say "Hey this is what I was doing, and this is what I changed, and look what God has done with that!".

Do you consider yourself a pretty disciplined person?

*Note* Discipline and self focus do not work! It takes discipline to NOT become self focused

Would you like to be further inspired to apply more discipline in your life? Click HERE to hear what Terri shares on a podcast from February of this year. ( That link will take you to a youtube video that is just over 8 minutes long.)
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