Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thinkful Thursday: Your thoughts matter!

I think I have said this before, but You are what You think You are! Your thoughts have so much power ~ and that power is released whether you want it to be or not. You might try to "sell" a different version of who you are ~ but the reality is the world see's you for what you think you are. Often, we say "I don't think that highly of myself" ~ and in reality sometimes we do but we are afraid to, and more so afraid to let others know how we really feel. Guess what!? If they have one iota of perception they already have you figured out!

That's right. So, what is it that you are thinking? Did you know that if you start thinking that you have LOTS of energy, that in time your energy levels will increase?! You subconsciously will begin make the choices that will indeed produce more energy in your  life. For each of us it is different but for me ~ it is going to sleep and waking up at regular times. A routine is energy thriving for me ~ it gives me structure and I know what is next. Complacency is often derived from routine ~ so in the summer I have to be careful to shake it up and allow some spontaneity. Twenty minute hardcore "cross-fit" kind of exercises energy me for a long time ~ that day, and days after especially if I do it regularly. Flirting with my husband really energizes me. Reading and relaxing also lends to my energy levels. Need one more? Music ~ but I am musically motivated! I LOVE ALL kinds of music and indeed listen to a whole range ~ and it does effect my mood, reactions, and such. Eating less food energizes me. Sounds crazy but when I over do it I become very lethargic and lazy and .... it changes my perspective on myself and the world around me. Eating less.... and less often is key for me. I am a light eater.

So, what are you thinking you are today?!

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