Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You are More : Character Development

One thing as a writer, is you get to actually carve out the characters in your story but let me let you in on a little secret. They start to take off and become their own little people with personalities of their own and soon you are writing a story around who they have become!

It is almost like parenting. As your wee ones are first brought into this world you begin to help mold them and before you know it, they are molding themselves and BAM... all of a sudden you are looking at someone thinking "WOW they are amazing!".

You Are More revolves around the lives of four women but you also get to know those close to them. Spouses, children, relatives. Some of them you will fall in love with instantly. Others may leave you in doubt for a while. And believe it or not there may be one or two that you will never like.... or will you?!

Writing for me is just as much a creative process as a blank canvas for a painter ~ with a world of ideas swirling at one time. I have to really reign myself in and focus, concentrate and above all ~ never get too far ahead of myself. The interesting thing is .... I have no clue how this book is going to end, but I do know it will leaving you on the edge of your seat for the next one with at least ONE of the characters ~ maybe more.

Starting this week I will give you little sneak peeks over on the Facebook page that is set up specifically for You Are More. Perhaps.... you will decide before you even read the story which one it is that will be your favorite, and your not so favorite. Maybe just maybe, you will find a little bit of yourself in one (or maybe all) of the characters!

By Summer's End I hope to have more information as to a "release date" and again covet your prayers for this entire process!


More Information on You Are More can be found  HERE
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