Thursday, July 3, 2014

'Missing Butter"!

Okay this week has been a whirlwind! That is usually how it happens when your fighting things both in the physical realm of life and the spiritual realm right?! You do know they are connected....yes?! Good. At least we got that straight!

Well, this post is going to be a two in one because I am going to give you a couple of little stories that 's been happening in my head, my heart, and yes even in some of my relationships. I guess the first one should be about the butter because that is the title but I am in a spunky kind of mood (blame it on the workout or the kitkat ~ you choose) and your either gonna have to deal with me a wee bit longer or you can just scroll down.

A couple of Monday's ago I shared with you of the principle that God really laid on my heart several years back of "If you don't take care of what I have already given you ~ how can I bless you with more?" This subject came up again this week in conversation with a friend who was pretty distressed about a situation in her life. She was overwhelmed, yet not doing what it was taking to take care of what God has given her ~ and she was feeling that lack of not receiving the blessing of more. For some this could be in the finance department. If your blowing your money on things that you really don't need, yet you can't pay your bills. Why would God supply enough for those extras? For some it could be relationships. If we are tending to the fruitful relationships in our lives, yet we spend all our energy on relationships that God is trying to prune in our hearts and day to day comings and goings, then WHY would He bless us with more fruitful relationships? That principle for me was taught in my housekeeping, and the way I mothered and was a helpmate to my husband. I was horrid. I was far far off the mark of what God intended in my life. So, as God spoke that into me ~ I began allowing Him to encourage me, bring people into my life to help mentor me (who honestly have no clue they were doing that), and allow the changes to occur ~I became a better wife, mother, home keeper. If you are being challenged for wanting in the flesh "more" yet feeling that God isn't blessing  your life in that area ~ dig deep and find out why. Ask God to show YOU what it is that needs to be changed so that He can bless you. Faith is amazing. Faith paired with Action on your part ~ is life changing!

Now on to the butter!

Yesterday I was mixing up two different kinds of cookie dough. We are having a shindig here at the house tomorrow for the 4th of July with some friends and neighbors. We did the same thing last year and it is just so much fun, that it has become our holiday to host for our friends! Anyway, even though it is like a potluck type thing and others are bringing sweets, I decided to just make a few things. Cookie bars are easy ~ for me and for little hands to hold. They also don't take a ton of time like making bunches of batches of cookies sometimes does. I was making the second batch of dough and had my butter out on the counter getting soft. I followed my trust recipe for peanut butter chocolate chip but it was like the dough just wasn't coming together like it should. It was crumbly looking and I just didn't get it. UNTIL... I look over and see the butter just sitting there staring at me. Then... the whisper. "It's just not the same without the butter!". I added the butter in and began mixing it well and guess what! It came together beautifully! "IT's just not the same without me either!". No matter what you do ~ don't forget the butter!! Don't forget to include God in your plans either. He knows your desires and the things you would like to do ~ include him in that and just see how much better things come together!

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  1. Love it!!!! Another thought, a fake imitation vegetable oil spread ain't the same as good ole natural butter, either! What a parallel to not accepting fake substitutes in our recipe of life :) Happy 4th, Sheila!


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