Monday, July 14, 2014

Motivation for your Monday: Supernatural Amnesia

I should have known that when I shared last night on FACEBOOK that I would be finally returning to daily blogs ~ that God was going to do a number on me! He always does. It's like the calm before the storm, yet I miss the "weather warnings" every time. Welcome... to a whole new phase in my life that I am willing to openly share no matter HOW moronic and crazy it seems.

This morning I woke up tired. Well ... let's go back a bit. I woke up at 2:15... and laid there. Tossed. and turned. I even panicked a little bit because two of the three kids were gone and my phone was in the living room. Maybe I am up because one of the kids need me. So.. I prance into the living room check the phone and well...nothing. Okay, so it wasn't that. Then I get back to sleep and sleep for an hour before the alarm goes off. Sheesh. I feel more awake yet exhausted at the same time. After I send hubby off I immediately decide to just go back to bed. I went to sleep into a deep sleep but woke up feeling just plain worn out. Why does that happen?

For the last week I have been off of my new normal "Five things successful people do before Eight" routine. Like completely off. Do you know what that does to my thinking?! Do you know what that has done to my attitude? So... I start where I needed to. I needed to listen to some words of wisdom from the Heavens... and it just so happened that Terri Savelle Foy just posted a new podcast like a couple of hours before I logged on. (Isn't God good? He does go before us and prepare things just for that right moment when we need it the most.) {That podcast is linked below just under my signature!}

I am thankful that God indeed wants us to have a good attitude and with that good attitude we must have a good self esteem and confidence. Without it .... our attitude pretty much stinks. I know this because even this past week while I may have outwardly been peppy and upbeat ~ I was dying on the inside. Why? Because I was allowing a lot of negative internal chatter happen. That kind of chatter that really had no real root of existence other than crazy scenarios made up in my own mind. It began to come to a peek this morning right up until I realized that I really needed some Godly wisdom. Not the kind of wisdom that tells me how crappy of a person I am ~ Lord knows I do enough of that my own-self. God wants us to live a fruitful and joyful life. That doesn't come with this negative inside mess.

So, I am praying today for some Supernatural Amnesia to help me forget all these destructive patterns I have deep within. I can bury them from time to time but every now and then they rear their ugly heads. Things from thinking I am worthless and useless to the world to making up these crazy reasons why people don't like me ~ yet they have no clue that they are in this war that I have going on. Battles of the fact that my outward appearance isn't perfect, yet knowing my husband loves me as I am. I want that supernatural amnesia to forget the words my mind says to my flesh like "you will always be overweight" to "you were thin once apparently you didn't like it". I indeed am convicted that these are just lies and I have a choice to believe them or not. Often lies are easy to believe, yet it's the worst thing you can do.

"God is the cure for the insecure" ~ Terri Savelle Foy

So, today I am allowing God to handle those things that hinder me most. I can't do anything with them, and by allowing him to have them and admitting how much I have entertained them He has already began doing a work deep within me. He has already begun showing me that I was indeed "making situations up" that had no root of real existence. The only existence they had is what I gave it ... and allowed it to steal from me. God continues to give me vision for my life and that alone is something to be thankful for! There are many out there dying spiritually because they are not allowing themselves to live the dreams and visions that God is putting deep within them. They are instead living for other people's dreams or just basically surviving each day ~ which is not living at all.


Please take a moment and listen to Terri's podcast posted HERE ON YOUTUBE.
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