Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Fried Cabbage

This week I decided to go ahead and give you another recipe today. This past Sunday I decided to make a feast for my family. I grilled pork chops, fried taters and onions, fried cabbage with bacon, and of course mac n cheese. I shared a few pictures and got a lot of responses on the fried cabbage so while that was still in my phone I decided why not share with you!

1/2 package bacon chopped into chunks
1 head of green cabbage cored and chopped into chunks
salt and pepper to taste

In a large soup pot brown the bacon. You can add a couple of TBS of oil to get the bacon rendering but if you use a non stick pot you won't need to add it. Once the bacon is all browned remove it and drain it, but leave the bacon grease in the pot. Add cabbage and turn to coat with bacon drippings.  Sprinkle liberaly with salt and pepper. Cook on medium covered stirring occasionally until all the cabbage is wilted and begins to brown a bit. Add bacon and cook on low for a few more minutes. You will not have drippy cabbage, but you will have a whole pot of deliciousness!

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